Top 3 Free Tools For Keywords Research In Blogging

Keyword Research Free Tools for Digital Marketing & SEO

Are you finding some free tools for keyword research? Then you are at the right place. Yes, we are reviewing the three best keyword research free tools.

Therefore, we hope that you will find some useful information in this article about the free keyword tools. That will help you in your projects.

Why do we use the keyword research tool? The answer is that we use it for the search engine ranking and finding more audience on google. However, by Finding these free tools you can perform well on Google, content marketing, and other ads networks.

So from these tools, you can drive the traffic to your website and get a good spot on google. As these free tools for keyword search tools are fast and accurate for more optimization website results.

Here are the three free best keyword tools for free keyword research.

1.H super tool free keyword tool review

H super tool is the free tool for keyword research where you can easily find the keywords on any topic. It’s a 100% free tool to find keywords.

For example, you want to search for a specific keyword, you just enter the keyword and click the search button. So this tool will work and give the search results.

Then this tool has the option to find the number of monthly searches for the specific keyword idea and also gives the idea about paid competition.

As paid competition suggests about the low, medium, and high rankings for content. And CPC provides about how much the advertiser is paying for the single click. So it is called cost per click or simply CPC.

And for SEO difficulty analysis on H super tools, you should go and create an account on H super tools. That is free and you have the opportunity to get the SEO difficulty for any keyword.

Therefore, from this tool, you can access free keyword research for any of your projects.

For Instance, we did an SEO term search on this tool which gives the result of 2 million monthly searches with the low-paid competition.

And also provides related keyword searches for the term seo.

2.Wordstream Keyword Research Free Tool Review

Furthermore, the other free keyword tool that offers keyword research is the wordstream. As it is a simple tool that helps to find and search keywords easily.

Of course, it includes the keyword widget that provides a detailed overview of keywords. And monthly search volume, cost per click, and competition on google and bing at the same time.

In addition, this tool gives the industry and location keyword research So you can explore more with the wordstream free keyword tool. however, this tool provides an opportunity for researching keywords for Google AdWords and Bing ads campaigns.

For Example, we did some keyword research on the specific keyword “Digital marketing” and this tool showed us the following results.

3.Ubersuggest Free keyword Research tool Review

The third tool for keyword research for free is the uber suggest by Neil Patel. Yes, this tool provides three daily free searches for keyword research and a lot of other added features.

In particular, this tool has an easy search option for any keyword you want to search.  Furthermore, this tool goes forward and tells more about the rank tracking, Site audit, keyword ideas, Traffic overview, and backlink overview for the website.

Ubersuggest keyword discovery tool is free and popular. As this tool finds the number of searches in a month, Search trends, Paid competition, and Seo difficulty.

Ubersuggest offers keyword research location-wise and gives the SEO difficulty scores in a colored way. Over there in Seo difficulty, you can see the green, yellow and red scores. As from green scores you can easily find the low SEO difficulty keywords.

As the green area suggest that you can easily rank for that keyword while for red you cant. So you can easily pick the autosuggestion keywords in the green area and work on them at this tool.

Uber suggest keyword Tool
Screen Shot From Ubersuggest

For Example, we search the term “SEO” in ubersuggest tool and find the results.


In Our recommendation, at the first place is the ubersuggest.

This tool for keyword research gives three free searches for the day and you can use its pro version and find unlimited features. So, this is a super easy tool for keyword research and we will suggest this free keyword tool for keyword research.

Next, we suggest you the H super tool as it is a completely free tool for keyword research. And you can use it fully free with unlimited keyword research.

Finally, For marketing and business campaigns we will suggest the wordstream keyword tool as it is helpful in online marketing.

So You can use these keyword research tools in ecommerce, business and blog websites. As all these ones provide the opportunity for SEO and search engine optimization.

Finding tools for keyword research is very exploring in digital marketing and SEO for website. If you have some other good names for keyword research then share in the comments.

So keep enjoying the tool for best SEO, optimization, and ranking score for websites and other content.

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So if you find any other free keyword research tool then share in comment.

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