Top Tips In Searching Keywords For Content Creation

What are Keywords in SEO

Keywords are the words that express your content type and ideas about your content. These can also be called the question and queries asked by searchers on search engines. So if you want more visitors to see your content on the website by searching keywords you should produce the same keyword-related content.

As due to a lot of competition for content on google and search engines. Keywords are the best way to rank your content over the search engines. So searching for the best keywords for posts or content is what everyone needs.

What are the strategic benefits of the keywords? Being a content creator you always think that you should stay top on the google search engine and find the perfect audience. But how to configure this SEO optimization on google.

Therefore, Keyword research tools provide you the ability to rank your website. And also you can improve optimization for website or content over the search engine. So from these keyword suggestions provided on keyword tools can have the opportunity to rank higher.

In the Later part, we will give you suggestions about the keywords tools but first, we show you how to search for a keyword on a website.

Keyword research tips
Keyword Research tips

Google Auto Suggestion Keywords

As Google provides auto keyword suggestions for content when anyone types on google for a specific search. So google easily gives the most searched keyword in autosuggestion. Here you can find the best volume keyword from google autosuggestion.

Therefore, you can easily find the best and most searchable keyword ideas from google. However, you can, later on, see the order of competition of keywords in the keyword research tools. Because using less competitive keywords can rank content easily.

How to Search with Keywords

1.Understand the goals for searching keywords

As the best practice to start with keyword research is to identify the goals for keyword research. Therefore, the basic goal for every keyword research is to find the related audience as per your area of the specific niche.

So Always be focused on the related audience behavior and queries.

As keyword research revolves around the two main questions.

What audience is searching? 

What is your content?

To find the answer to these questions you should see how the audience responds to specific keywords.

For Example, we performed Keyword Research for top “Digital marketing” on Google Above

So we can extract related keywords from digital marketing like Digital marketing courses, Digital Marketing agency, Digital marketing jobs, and Digital marketing services.

As in this search, we find a lot of areas in digital marketing where you can identify targets for specific questions or audiences.

2.Find the Searches and questions

The next big thing for Keyword research analysis is the Queries and questions from the audience. And how you can answer these questions in your content. So finding questions is you can use the platform to answer the public.

There you can get questions searched on the internet by just entering a keyword related to any question. There are billions of searches on Google every day. However, you can find your audience questions over there.

So in the Digital marketing example, we can find related questions like what is digital marketing? How to find a digital marketer? What is the qualification of a digital marketer?

So here are a few examples where you can research keyword ideas related to the question.

So this search is based on questions and you can also find long keyword ideas so that you can rank on that keywords. As long keywords contain less competition so you can easily rank for these.

3.Analyzing keywords searching

However, the other thing in keyword research is analyzing the keyword search volume and its difficulty in SEO.

  • Top shorter keywords (having higher search volume and more competition)
  • Long keywords (Less competition with higher searches)
  • Specific keywords (less competition with Low searches)

So you can rank for long and specific keywords ideas for your content. In addition, Top shorter keywords have very high SEO difficulty. As they are already ranked in google so the competition for this keyword is difficult.

Therefore, for achieving the results you should focus on searching keywords that are less competitive this can be done with a lot of keyword research tools.

As a keyword research tool explores hundreds of keywords by simply entering one keyword related to your search. It provides ease in search by showing competitive and less competitive keywords.

Top Keyword Research Tools In SEO

Here are the best keyword research tools to find keyword ideas. Especially from this tool, you can easily grow the traffic of your website by almost 20-30 %.

  • MOZ
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Keyword everywhere
  • Google keyword planner
  • Ubersuggest

Pros of searching keywords

  • More Content impression
  • High ranking on google search engine
  • Get more traffic from google
  • Easy SERP for website
  • Helps to get the audience for content


As by Searching keywords on keyword research tools you can find a lot of new ideas about keywords and competition. So In our recommendation, if you want to use a keyword tool for business and marketing content then you should use SEMrush.

Furthermore, SEM rush provides data about competitors’ keywords and strategies. And also give the details about organic traffic and site audits.

And for blog, we will suggest using the Ubersuggest and keyword everywhere as these two provides a lot of features in free versions, and when you go for the pro version these two enables a lot of options for SEO.

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