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Analyze competitor Website to Improve Online Business Strategies

Web Competitor analysis is researching the information about other websites that are working in the same business category. And use that information or data to improve your web performance. As in the new Digital time, a lot of online businesses analyze competitor website about products, services, technologies, and traffic details.

The purpose of the analysis is to determine how competitors doing in product marketing, research, sales, and technologies. As of now businesses are online and have a website presence on the internet. So they do business online and use the power of a website. Because there are Numerous website benefits that can increase business growth globally.

So building Strategies against competitors can be done with a perfect tool that not only analyzes the website. But also review the Competitor website traffic. So you not only gather information but also see opportunities for your website growth.

Why analyze competitors’ website

Competitor analysis is necessary because it shows the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in online business. So for example, it can help you to find which areas where you can improve and gain more traffic for your website.

Moreover, you can track the tools that your competitor’s websites are using and you are not. So this will give you some suggestions about the technologies and plugins of other competitors. And you can use these to improve your website performance.

So what are the main areas where you can search for opportunities while analyzing competitor website traffic? And these are the main areas.

  • Analyzing website traffic monthly page views
  • Review the marketing and paid campaigns
  • The top URL ranking
  • See the Social media trends
  • Demographic information

How to Analyze website Traffic with Similar web

Here is the Competitive analysis website tool Similar web. That completely and quickly analyzes the website. So this Competitor analysis website tool can measure the trends and information of any website traffic.

And the app use is easy just enter the Url of any website and get traffic insights.

On a similar web, you can track websites, android apps, and Ios App data. And Also this tool is so impressive that it tracks down the information of website page visitors to locations and demographic details for marketing analysis.

For example, We did the website traffic analysis of a website on a similar web and found the results that showed down in graphics. And this provides a detailed understanding of how visitors or customers are visiting the site with what interest they have in other businesses.

Moreover, this tool also provides the Web competitor analysis about the sites that are potential competitors to the business. Its Competitor website analytics deep digs and gives the business research intelligence solution to the registered users.

How to analyze the competition of Website

As ranking is the biggest challenge for online business owners. And also this determines how your website is appearing in the search results on google.

So on a similar web, you can easily take the ranking analysis for any website URL. As we did the ranking analysis of the URL. From where you can track the global rank, country rank, and category rank for the website. Furthermore, you can assess the total visits, bounce rate, and average page duration.

Moreover ranking of similar ranked sites can also be tracked. So that gives you the detail about the competitors who are in ranking and position with you in the industry. And traffic sources from the different country levels.

Audience and traffic engagement Analysis

And this analysis gives the audience gender and age distribution. So you can easily access what type of audience engaged with the website in percentage.

Furthermore, you can easily search for the audience demographic information on websites like Age distribution and gender distribution results as we attached a screenshot for the tested Url on Similar web.

More interestingly it further suggests the audience’s top category interest areas. Such as this website is about digital marketing and computer electronics.

And you can also Track Outgoing links to another website with the percentage of traffic.

How to Analyze competitor Social media And technologies with Similar web

Here you can further see which social channel is working for a specific URL. And which channel is providing the best traffic percentage. It more suggests social, Referral, search, direct traffic, or traffic from paid campaigns.

Moreover, it also provides which top keywords are getting more traffic in percentage. And at a similar web, you can check for the website technologies usage details. Such as payment partners, advertising, and social channel details.

Moreover, you can use Social media analysis tool that can analyze the social media content engagement rate.

Suggestions: To Improve improve website traffic with competitor

As Similar web is also giving a detailed analysis of digital marketing, research intelligence, Sales intelligence, and investor intelligence.

So as a digital marketing and content analyst you can use this tool to analyze shopper behavior. This plays a key role in an eCommerce business. As it defines how the individual finds and buys the specific product. Moreover, its analysis also gives direct access to people’s contacts for sales.

So you can use its advanced tools for Sales intelligence to better overview to analyze competitor website.

1. Keyword Comparison Analysis

Here in keyword comparison analysis, you can track down the comparison between a number of keywords. And you can analyze organic traffic keyword volume. Moreover, the tool analyzes the traffic, Difficulty, Volume, and position score.

2. Keyword research tool

Here in similar web keyword tool is used to research the keywords for a topic. So you can improve your website traffic score. A similar web keyword research tool provides all detail about the keyword volume, Keyword difficulty score. Additionally, it tracks trending keywords, related keywords, and questions. So you can use the tool for competitor keyword traffic volume and other scores.

Furthermore, you can use free tools for keyword research that can be used to improve your website’s SEO score, and moreover, you can learn about tips for searching keywords.


As there is a number of benefits of this digital analysis tool. That gives you an understanding of the website’s competitor traffic. And additionally, you can analyze android and iOS Apps in this tool.

And, you can also analyze app usage in different countries. Therefore, you can use the data and take marketing decisions about your website. And can see what are Audience interest level and product buying approach. So it also helps to figure out how you can create a marketing campaign for your website.

Moreover, this competitor website analytics tool gives a marketing strategies overview of competitors. Such as ad campaigns that are working or getting desired results. What set of ad designs of competitors’ websites?

So in our recommendation, this tool is free to use and you can take a lot of insights and analyze competitor website. Additionally, you can take results by taking its pro version. That includes digital research, sales, and eCommerce analysis.

Next, you can also analyze the website traffic by using tools like Google Analytics and monster insights.

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