Top Tool For Analyzing Website Traffic

How to Analyze website traffic with Super tool

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that provides you with the best data analysis reports for websites. In google analytics, you can get information and data about the website. This is the best tool for analyzing website traffic.

Here in GA users can overview the complete website analytics and can easily get desired results related to audience, Visits, and conversions.

Especially, this tool provides the detail about analyze traffic to website.

  • User experience
  • website conversions
  • content engagement,
  • Traffic Details
  • Visitor demographics
  • Visitor time
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate

How to use Google Analytics for WordPress

Here, this Google Tool has many features that made this tool so popular that it is used on every website. Especially, this visitor analytics tool can be installed and configured on your website easily. And this tool is free that analyze website traffic free.

If you have a WordPress website, then you can easily install Google analytics on your website. As a result, you have many options for the google analytics plugin.

However, a lot of plugins are available for google analytics. But the google site kit is a simple and illustrative one.

In Addition to this, To get more results from google analytics you should connect your site to the google search console. Such as This Tool helps to track website performance and other features such as Site map, error fixing, and SEO.

And moreover Search console provides the opportunity to track keywords, Impressions, and clicks.

Its Additional features includes the AdSense. With Adsense you can track your website earning details and much more on the dashboard.

First, you should Install the Plugin site kit by google on the WordPress website. That is the best web analytics tool kit for visitors. It automatically connects the google search console and Google analytics.

Site kit by Google for analyze traffic to website

This plugin is the best plugin that connects the WordPress website to the google analytics account easily by the following simple practices.

google analytics in wordpress
Analyzing website traffic

Steps to install Sitekit by google

  1. Install the plugin site kit by google.
  2. Login to account which you want to connect with google.
  3. Connect the plugin with yours google account
  4. Connect account with site kit in WordPress
  5. Verify website ownership
  6. Setup search console
  7. Setup Google Analytics

Site kit Dashboard in WordPress website analyzing traffic

So, Google Site Kit the website Dashboard is available in graphical representation. Like it Shows the website Traffic details. In particular, it gives these details of visitors analyzing the website.

Channels: It shows Direct, Organic search, and social media

Location: Then In location, It shows Country traffic by percentage.

Devices: Over there GA shows desktop and Mobile user percentages.

Users: GA also shows the number of users in a specific period, such as from the last 7-90 days.

Search Funnel: This also shows you how your website appears in search engines. This states at the same time show the Impressions (How many times a website Appears in search engine results). And Also tells about the Number of Unique visitors to the website.

site kit analytics in google analysis for website traffic in wordpress plugin
Site kit Analytics

Google Analytics Dashboard

Furthermore, in Analytics section it covers the traffic overview of a specific period of time. Such as by selecting a 7-90 day period. And It also covers users, sessions, bounce rate, and session duration.

In Addition, it Shows the Overall popular content over the Period of time.

And sitekit by google easily connects your website to Google Analytics home page. And this page shows users, sessions, and bounce rate. Also present the page active user, content analysis (Visitor average time on page), and geographical data (Country wise visits). In particular, it shows the data in-home dashboard.

  • Users
  • Session bounce rate
  • Session duration
google analytics and analyzing website traffic
Google Analytics

Customization in Google Analytics for Analyzing Traffic of a website

Here by Clicking on customization in google analytics, you can easily take the complete details of users.

1. Display a Complete overview of the users

2. Goal competition

3. Revenue

4. bounce rate

Custom reports and analyzing website traffic in google analytics

While enjoying the GA visitor metrics on the website you can easily analyze website traffic overview the audience.

  • Audience overview
  • Acquisition overview
  • Behavior overview

Google Analytics Benefits

Google analytics tools provide complete website analytics from which you can easily get a lot of information about your project or business. This information may help to improve the business.

  • Number of visitor in specific period
  • New users of website
  • Session duration
  • Conversion details
  • Audience behavior
  • Track your marketing strategy
  • Real-Time user Detail
  • Get decision-making ideas from data
  • Analyze website or eCommerce performance
  • Describes about top content for a specific period
  • Analytics helps to provide bounce rate

Moreover another Nice plugin that can used in WordPress website to access website traffic and page view is Jetpack. So catch this topic about find stats for word press website with cool plugin.


Finally, from All the above web statistics and overview, we also have the best findings for the website. By Analyzing these you can get more out of GA. Content Understanding for your website is important for best and improving conversions.For Instance, As your traffic is decreasing then you need the marketing for the specific content. These all things can be taken from Google analytics.

Site speed in google Analytics is the next big feature. From Here you can go to behavior > Site speed. That shows your website page load time in seconds and server load time.

By Analyzing these states, you can also improve your website speed and load time.This speed data give you a brief analysis of how you can speed up the website performance.

Thus this Web content is the base of your website. Hence, the GA is the best platform that presents your content in a meaningful way. It can track the complete visitor drive toward your content.

Hence, You can implement certain changes and improve your website content. This can also help to understand your Marketing strategy.

In this article, you reviewed the basis of Google analytics, google search console and google G site kit with key steps for analyzing website traffic. By seeing all the aspects, you can understand the basics that can be helpful for users of google analytics for beginners.

And also this tool helps companies and websites in many ways such as in decision-making and customer behavior.

And Moreover, you can Analyze competitor website for opportunities.

Furthermore, you can also learn about Optimization of website ,

Best stats for website traffic plugin and SEO for website for better WordPress website results.

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