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How to Secure WordPress site with Plugin

A few months back we found a bug on our WordPress site and we can’t log in to website for a couple of days. And after login, we were shocked that in our google search console performance overview section we found a many page error and bugs. That stoped over page performance and insights. That can only be Removed with best security plugin for wordpress.

At That time, we were not using a security plugin for the WordPress website.

Then That time we felt that we should have a plugin for security on the website. So we searched the plugin in WordPress plugin. And found the security plugin jetpack. So here we will share some latest features and benefits of the plugin. As security for WordPress sites is important for every business.

Jetpack Plugin WordPress Security Features

I think you should use the Jetpack plugin for your website security. A plugin has auto security, malware scanning, and additional features for your website.

1. Auto protection security Feature

This plugin provides the auto security feature to the WordPress website. Here you don’t need to run any other thing just install and activate the plugin.

Then This plugin automatically secures your website 24/7. When you receive any threat on your website it automatically notifies you by email. So in this way, your site is secured from attackers that can hack your website

2. Malware scanning

Jetpack for WordPress has a one-click fix feature that is wonderful. Which Automatically scans for malware and security for the website. Moreover, it also scans spam comments on websites.

This plugin secures brute force attacks on the login page for your WordPress website. And also notifies you about login attempts on website.

3. Additional Features for best security plugin for wordPress website

Its others feature includes Downtime monitoring, backup, and restores for websites. And Also this plugin gives the ability to track website traffic on the dashboard. And you can also find stats for your WordPress website with this plugin.

With this, you can track Other Features including Speed and optimization with jetpack lazy loading images and media files. Also you can use this plugin with WP super cache to improve the website speed.

How We secured our website with over 12,000+ Attacks

As we analyzed jetpack is the best WordPress security plugin. As you can see from the results.

The popularity of best security Plugin wordPress

Especially, this plugin has over 5 million,

active installations with a rating of almost 5 stars from 1000+ users.

Free features of jetpack for WordPress

  • Boost for website
  • Social sharing
  • Jetpack for CRM
  • Login brute force attacks


Of course, Jetpack for WordPress is the best for all types of business websites, blogs, and eCommerce sites. Hence, we really recommend You use this WordPress site security plugin.

As with this plugin you can take free security benefits for your website. So you can take a lot of additional features with this plugin.

And in the end when you are activating this plugin then sure you are protecting wordPress site from hackers.

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