Top 7 Steps For Branding Identity in Online Business

Branding Identity

Branding identity is the creating, designing, shaping, and Presentation of business to gain customers and build the image of the brand in the mind of Customers. So that the customer can easily identify your business.

Brand building and making its identity is not a simple and one-day step as it requires years of organizational persistency for the product.

Valuable statistics for brand identity

  • Colors boost the branding identity up to 80%
  • Consistency in the brand image makes revenue up to 20-30%
  • Colors increase brand awareness by up to 80%
  • The logo makes brands recognition up to 80%

Here are quick practices on how to take advantage and build your branding identity for the business and eCommerce.

1.Opportunities to Build Brand for business

As stated to build the business a plan is a vital part of how you set the business. The first step is to identify the areas for the business and categories. After Identifying the area for the business. Then Get started with searches and areas of interest for customers in the specific regions.

So you can access it with Google trends and keyword planner tools. As these tools will help you in the areas of business opportunities. Select the desired category of interest and Analyze the Trends of search in seasons and geographic locations.

2.Customers Behavior and Branding

However, customer behavior depends on the decision made by purchasing something. So Understanding the psychology of the customer helps in setting up business operations.

Here are a few things to cover customer behavior for purchases such as Financial position, Age, Profession, Geographic Location, and culture.

So Analyzing these are for a specific product for business is the key to understanding the customer’s spending and interests.

For Example, you can also take a lot of information about the behavior of customers. So you should take the advantage of reaching the customers by identifying the Customer’s interests and needs with help of many tools such as Google, Facebook audience insights, google analytics, similar web and social media platforms.

3. Research the Product for brand

Analyzing the competitors is the other big way to stand in a marketplace where a lot of brands and businesses are doing business.

As Researching the product is how well product is popular in public or how many times it searched on google. Is the product can solve the customer’s problem? How many monthly searches about a specific product or about business?

As Addressing all these questions related to the product can broaden your research for the product.

So, get started with analyzing target customers and Product availability for business. And also examining what are the other businesses’ key growth areas and how they are reaching customers in specific areas.

As this research for the product make your business identifiable to others when you have established the link between customer and product. Therefore, it depends on the demand for specific products in the market. As more demand, the product has ultimately more sales.

4.Color Combination for branding Business

Coloring is all about which Specific color would you want for your product or business. First thing is that color matters a lot in branding identity.

color and branding
colors in branding
color combinations in branding
color combination

So why do you need the color in your brand? As color builds moods and Emotions so using them nicely will impact business so that’s all.

Therefore the product and packaging color matter in branding. Here are the Best practices for branding colors.

  • Selecting basic color for brand
  • Setting up only Two to Three colors
  • Use repetition in Colors
  • Same colors for Organizational elements
  • Matching with base colors

For example, using the colors in the background and wall colors for the office that make your brand identifiable with others. Using them in Style and design presents the brand image effectively.

Color Patterns for branding depend mainly on how wisely you chose color combinations as per product and audience.

  • Red: Red color is for Energy, Attraction, Boldness, and Hunger.
  • Green: Green color represent harmony, nature, Positivity, and Connectivity.
  • Blue: Blue is for Belief and security.
  • Yellow: It symbolizes Charm, Activeness, and living.
  • Black: displays Luxury, authority, and power

5.Font Style for Brand

As choosing the font is a difficult task when a lot of beautiful designs and fonts are available to you. But you need a specific font for your brand that stands out and be in your brand.

In particular font and text, visual plays a key role in the design of branding identity. So it is vital to follow the key tips and tricks for font style for the brand.

Firstly, It is the order of text size that mainly depends on how you describe the brand. So, for a good and catching font, you should first make a good size headline for text then a little subtitle for the main heading and at last the description or text body.

Also using matching fonts with Unique and descriptive headlines makes the fonts more readable to customers.

branding and fonts
Glacial font
use of Fonts in branding
Roboto Font

Additionally, font coloring makes the text more griping and distinctive for readers. Use Contrast coloring in fonts yields brand uniqueness.

why should marketers understand the importance of fonts because they Increase readability, Brand awareness and makes branding identity?

6.Set the logo for the branding Identity

Furthermore, logos in business have the first step for brand identity. To make a brand recognizable to customers a specific logo must be tested to build a brand easily identified by customers.

Logo helps to understand the business and product for any brand.

Logo Includes Mark or symbol and text. For example, a company has a food business and wants a logo for food so the idea for the logo is to make the logo that describes the food brand. For example, food symbols and text that communicate the message for the food brand.

elements of logo design
logo Elements

Here are the elements for a good Logo Design in Branding.

  • Symbol
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Text

And furthermore you can find some good updates about designing brand, Logo and website on 99designs .

7.Branding name for Business Identity

In addition to all the above, the brand name is everything. As from this, customers call your business and specify your business and also your trademark.

There are many types of brand names such as descriptive, Invented, and combination with dictionary words. In this way, you can also use tools that help you out in naming ideas for a brand or business.

Furthermore, after selecting the brand name always try to register and get the Domain for a brand name that is the first step to showcasing a business online. For Instance, you can use your own name for the brand and that’s works.

Pros of Branding identity in business

So branding is the strategy to build business for thousands and millions of customers. After changing your current business to a big brand, you will definitely see more opportunities in business.

  • Growth in business
  • More sales for business
  • More customers
  • Online business opportunity
  • Building customer relationship


Finally, we will suggest in our recommendation that you should research and analyze first the process of branding before starting for new business or building a brand. Then see the all related highlights for branding identity.

It’s not about all about designing and naming but you should mainly focus on building constant relationships with customers. But also improve targeted marketing the business and value services with consistency.

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