Top 5 Tips To Boost Online Business For Pinterest

As Pinterest is a beautiful platform to explore visual ideas, style, and inspiration. Like other social media places, its market share has been growing every day. In this article, we will illustrate how you can increase sales and grow your business for a Pinterest account.

The total number of users is 444 million by 2021 according to Statista. And the number of female users 77.1% on Pinterest.

So the Pinterest has pins and boards on your profile. As the pins on Pinterest can be videos and images. Therefore, when you make a profile you can create pins in the form of videos or images. while the board is the place where you collect your pins.

Here from these pins, you can generate links to your website and landing page. And you know that there are many benefits for websites.

But in pinterest you can send the traffic from your pins to the business website. And also here on board, you can save a lot of pins according to your interest.

How to post on Pinterest for business

After making a profile on Pinterest just push the + button on Pinterest.  Then this leads to the option to create Pin or board.

Here when you select the pin then, you can upload the image or video from the gallery and also take a live video or image. Next is to give a title and description of the Pin you created.

For Example, to create a pin for a business, you can add a product image or Video in the Drag and drop upload image section. And can upload the image from less than 20 MB and for video less than 2Gb.

After you can also add alt text detail about your pin. As a result, this will help people to understand the pin content.

In Addition, you can also add a website URL address so that anyone will click here to visit the product or image on your website.

Here the next button will lead you to create a new board for this pin. Then this pin will be published on the Pinterest board and visible to the public.

However, you can delete the Pinterest pin at any time by touching and holding the pin. So it will display the edit option for the pin and there you will see the delete option at the end.

As per recommendation, the Pinterest pin size should be 1080 x 1920 pixels. This is the best size to post pins on Pinterest.

How to post on pinterest by adding title description and website URL link
Create a pin for Pinterest

Strategy in business for Pinterest

However, the best Pinterest marketing strategy is to build the audience over the network. And also keep posting content on Pinterest consistently. Here are the key point configured in your profile that can certainly establish good links with new customers.

In addition to the personal account in Pinterest, you can easily switch this account to the business profile by just going to settings then account change.

So there you can change your account setting to a Business account and make your account to Pinterest business use. By setting this up you can follow the strategies for a successful business on Pinterest.

1. Develop goals for business

As First, you should just build the brand goals. Over there you pick the specific goals for your business on Pinterest. Such as what you want from Pinterest. Here are the key goal components for every business.

After assessing in which area you want to be in Pinterest. Setup the business Pinterest page for good results.

Certainly, Every business has the strategy to cover these all aspects but you should select one and build the content (boards and pins) Related to the specific goal.

2.Build brand Identity

First, build the brand Logo with a unique slogan that helps the audience towards the specific action.

As it includes all design aspects and colors selections that create a specific image in the mind of the customer.

Here are the other things that matter a lot on Pinterest such as font color and image elements for the content you produce and business style.

Here are the quick elements of design that can be followed to build the brand identity.

  • Brand Naming
  • Logo for business
  • Product color
  • Fonts Design & colors
  • Shapes
  • Color combinations

3.Track Audience insights in pinterest

In particular, you can get business insights about your post and content that describes how well your content is performing on Pinterest. So it is easy by just clicking on the bar at the top left of your business profile. There you have business options.

As It includes the Analytics overview for the profile. Here you could easily see the Impression received by your post and Engagements. Such as other options include total audience and top pins that are performing in the profile.

So in analytics options, you can check the performance of the post and also the engagement rate for the pins. That shows a better understanding of the content insights.

As in the AD section, you can make the ads for website content. So you can easily promote your pins by creating ads.

On the other hand, picking up the right audience for business development is very much an approach from marketers. How to achieve the targeted approach is by selecting the right audience for your specific business?

  • Audience Interest for specific product
  • Number Of searches on google
  • Keyword research
  • Area where product is popular
  • Age specific trends for products

4.Content selection in business for pinterest

Furthermore, the strategy also depends on the content selection such as product video ads or image ads. Image ads and posts on Pinterest are mostly used in pinterest for many businesses.

But the videos are more brand specific so your advertisement for the video is about brand story. The Focus of content on pinterest is about the ideas and customer interest . So the creator of the content on Pinterest can achieve the goals by such tactics.

  • Story
  • Image
  • Idea
  • Specific Action
  • Fun
  • Graphic and Animation

5.Title and description optimization in Pinterest

However title and description matters a lot in establishing a connection between visitor and content. So like the image above for such as cake product you can easily create a product-specific title. 

it’s a best thing to build copy that attracts the audience. Title for Pinterest represents the brand image or content you are posting. And It is the copy of an image with the product benefits and unique presentation style.

On the other hand, Pinterest descriptions for products and pins play a key role in SEO. And add user-specific approach with keywords related to the product in description. Also using specific sentences that help the audience about product details.

Here are the quick tips on, What to add in Pinterest Pins for more pins view.

  • Keywords related to products
  • Specific call to action for product
  • Popular Hash tags related to business

Pros of Pinterest For business

  • Increases the Brand identity
  • New audience to grow business
  • Create ads and pins to promote business
  • Get Audience insights
  • Grow website traffic for business
  • Increase sales by Pinterest traffic


As Pinterest has lot of advantages for business and personal accounts. So it is the best platform to create attractive pins for visitors. It is the new way promoting the business so lot of businesses are posting and running ads on Pinterest to gain customers for business.

So this is also the best network platform for product advertisement from there you can generate lot of sales and traffic to your website.

Here you can overview the ads insights and analytics for ads campaigns. As the pinterest algorithm automatically evaluate the search results according to the related searches and category of interest. So using these you can gain a lot of traffic from Pinterest.

There you can easily search for latest trends and popular content for your area of interest. So if you are missing the big traffic platform for business then just get start with Pinterest.

And also you can review and see the latest features of E commerce platforms for Business. And read more about eCommerce and marketing the business process.

And Do you know that Which countries use pinterest the most? Share your thoughts in comment below.

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