Top 9 Elements of Website To Boost Traffic

Website basics are key structural elements that require in any website to get most of the results. Aligning these elements of website structure and design can really uplift SEO and Optimization.

Here in this article, we will briefly illustrate the website basics elements that should be reviewed for best results.

1.Website Domain Name

A domain name is the address of your business on the internet. Choosing the domain name that matches your business. As you select the domain name it should be easy to remember and short.

But finding the perfect domain name is always very difficult. Generally, Domain names come with a business idea. That defines your business perfectly. Here are some tips you should implement before selecting the domain name for the website.

  • Try to find .com Domain for website
  • Get Domain with Hosting
  • Easy to Memorize
  • Short domain name

And there are many tools available for Domain names generation so you can use them and Find best Domain names.

2.Website Logo and identity Elements

And the next big thing is to build the Logo for your website. The logo should be Unique with an effective color combination.

As it identifies your business and makes your website different from others. So it build your branding identity. Hence, the visitor of the website can easily understand the website brand.

There are many Logo Designing Tools and online websites available such as Canva, Crello, and snappa with free and paid versions for designing. From where you can easily create a logo and graphics for the website.

3.Website Color scheme elements

Every color has its own impression. Selecting a distinctive color scheme allows the website to communicate better with visitors.

Right design with a Color scheme is the key to creating a brand. Choosing the right color, Font and images make your website attractive.

But using the right color combination is necessary. As these are the website design basic techniques. For example, you can take examples from different brand websites. Further, You can easily try color code combinations.

4. Website Design Basics

The best design of the website makes the visitor engaged in the content. That contains the overall factors such as Color scheme, Images, Font, and theme.

These all make the best user experience. Moreover, it comes with the Simple Navigation, menu, and buttons. Decidedly all this guides the visitor to the specific action.

Hence, Website Design creates Focus and engagement in content with the psychology of doing toward a specific task. Organizing the content in such a pattern enhances the concentration of visitors or customers.

Gestalt principles of visual and design illustrate ” how we can visualize the things towards Similarity, Proximity, Continuation, Closure, common area.”

  • Similarity>tendency to arrange Elements in groups
  • proximity>close objects tends to see as a whole
  • continuation>Human eye see element on lines, curves and combined them.
  • closure>we sense the object by filling the missing information
  • common area> we tend to see object in specific region.

Furthermore, if you are using WordPress then you can take tips for website design on wordpress plugins.

5. Website Call to actions Elements

For instance, A visitor comes on the website as he finds the content. Here he will take that action to subscribe or like the content.

Call to action is the specific part of elements of the website structure.

As you may know that clicking on the highlighted button with the intent to open something new is the visitor’s behavior toward a specific button. This Button attracts the visitor to hit. That’s all the basics of CTA.

This will path the visitor to another page or product page from where visitors can buy the product or can take the survey.

For Example, Website call action copy words are Join Now, Subscribe Now, Click Here, Shop Now.

Hence, Good Call to action Lead the visitor to specific action

  • To generate sale
  • To get lead such as email or phone

6. Product page and descriptions for website

Additionally, the Next on the website is to place a product page, Shop page, or services page. Hence most of the time these pages are combined with a single home page.

In particular product pages help the visitor about website product preview and decision to buy the product.

However, the best is to launch a shop page for the Business website. Where all products are added.  Whereas for services you can put the images and description that relates to the business.

To start with the product description name of the product should be clearly reflected with the image. As images show the complete reflection of the product. So good descriptive images have zoom in and out, High definition quality, and 360-degree image.

Especially pricing details are more illustrative for products that can enhance the product or business scope also with specific charges related with product or business. And Such good descriptions also helps in seo of website.

7. About us page for website

Briefly, the about us page is the business-telling page that creates the story in the mind of visitors about your business.

This comes with a unique hero image that is the story of the whole brand. In the same way other aspects such as Social followings, customer reviews, and specific information related to products.

As a result of Highlighting the specifics about business, visitors engage with content and find a quick website review about the business.

  • Highlights of Business
  • Hero image of brand story
  • Social media Review
  • Customer Ratings

For instance, here we share our About us page. And in comment, you can tell us about our page.

8. Contact us page for website

So what is the best contact us page design and how customers and visitors can see the business Details in a rightful way?

As contact us page describes the business contact information such as email, Phone, Address, and social media accounts.

For Example, Here is our blog contact us page.Where you can drop message and comments.

Contact us page example
Contact us page example

In Addition to these, it should be questions and queries that show how visitors or customers can easily make contacts and drop messages.

  • Helpful queries on contact us page
  • Enabling social media pages on contact us page
  • Customer support detail
  • Displaying Official timings of contact
  • Enabling chat support details

9. Policy page for website

A Privacy policy page is an important page because it is necessary for terms of law by many countries.

Furthermore, you should require the privacy policy page when you are collecting customer data such as visitor or customer phone number, Name, address, Credit card, and Email address.

Moreover, customer information can be collected in many ways. These are pop up, notifications, Subscription forms, Specific plugins, and other Purchasing data related to products.

In any case, if you are not publishing any Policy page regarding the data collection of customers you are violating certain web protocols.

  • Why you are getting information (Reason)
  • How to protect customer or visitor information
  • Type of information (Such as name,adresss)
  • Clear mentioning who has right to access the visitor data

For instance, if you are using WordPress then there are many plugins for generating privacy policy pages on your website.


Finally getting a perfect website structure is needed for every business. As its role is to deliver the user experience of content.

In the same manner Domain name, website identity plays key roles in branding the website. Also, website Organization comes with how you place the content in the best visual form.

Especially, Text, Images, Slides, page interlinking, animations, and graphics play a fundamental role in website design and layout.

Hence, All elements of the website are crucial in the development and planning of the website. By getting implementing these you can improve the readability and optimization of the website.

So with these website elements you can build your dream business website and boost your small business with current trends.

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