Top 5 eCommerce Platforms Features

Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce Platforms are places that provide the Ecommerce service to Users. Over there on these platforms, users can buy or sell goods or services over the internet. Such as Shopify, Woo-commerce, Squarespace, Big-commerce, and many others. So all Platforms have tons of Ecommerce Features.

Of course, the digital shift is going very fast. And technological advancements are rapidly changing the shape of doing business. So eCommerce service providers are giving opportunities to small and large businesses. As a result, they can take advantage of the new trends and features.

For instance, these eCommerce platforms and eCommerce website builders offer businesses a place to build an online store to start a business.

Hence on these platforms, you can build an online eCommerce store for your business. And your Store can be capable of doing business globally with the best eCommerce platforms. There are many Platforms are available for building an online store.

To Illustrate you We will give you a review of the top five eCommerce platforms features. Here are the best eCommerce sites to build your online stores

1. Woocommerce Features

Woo-commerce is the fastest-growing eCommerce platform in the world. It captures most of the eCommerce market. Furthermore, It Is the Best Opensource eCommerce plugin for the users. This is free to use when you install and build the word press website.

To show you why Woo-commerce is powerful and popular here are the key features that surely make this famous.

  • As woo commerce is Free Open source plugin in Word press
  • And in this you have complete content and website ownership rights available
  • So you can install Free or Paid Theme for your E commerce store design and layout
  • Here in woocommerce you can Sell Physical and Digital products globally
  • And you customize page for your website with page builders
  • Additionaly, Easy payment Integration Option for website (Pay pal and Stripe)Plus 100+ payment gateways and shipment integration option with your online store(Print shipment labels from your Dashboard)
  • Moreover, it has Marketing feature by Social media plugins integration
  • Furthermore, Easy management of woo commerce store by Mobile apps
  • And Woo commerce also gives complete visitor analytics on store.

Why woo commerce?

Certainly, Developers choose this platform as it is easily customizable and you can make enhancements with plugins. Of course, all the features make it good but here are the leading causes why users want this.

  • Furthermore, Woo commerce has 3000+ 5 Star Rating Review on
  • And Active Installations on websites are 5 Million
  • Additionally, Its Installation on word press website is easy
  • As well as woo commerce plugin available in many Languages
  • So the users can take full control over data, Content and website

2.Shopify Ecommerce Features Review

Shopify is the next eCommerce software platform that allows the user to set up the eCommerce online store for digital and physical goods. And this is a subscription-based eCommerce platform.

There on the Shopify platform, you have to Pay for the service you Receive on your Online store.

Therefore Shopify is the tool to build an online store. And Online businesses can make or start the business on Shopify as it offers features like payments, marketing, shipment, Seo, and Design in the website store.

Shopify features review
Shopify features review

Shopify all Pricing Plans

Shopify LiteBasic ShopifyShopifyAdvance ShopifyShopify Plus
9 USD $ /month29 USD $ / month79 USD$ / month299 USD $ /month2000 USD $ /month
Shopify pricing plan

3.Big Commerce Features Review

And big Commerce is the other big eCommerce place that provides software services to online businesses. And this platform also includes Hosting, Marketing, Payment, SEO, and Shipment Features.

However, Big Commerce is used by many large-scale businesses. And here are its numerous features that count well.

Big commerce features review
Big-commerce features review

Pricing plan review of Bigcommerce

29.95 USD/month79.95 USD/month299.95 USD/month
Bigcommerce pricing review

4.Squarespace Ecommerce features

Squarespace is a free platform to build an online store. And It has Subscription plans available as per features. And Squarespace has a lot of varieties of Templates and designs available in the online store.

As Squarespace also offers the basic features of eCommerce. In addition to that, it has Email integrations with top email software such as Mailchimp.

Moreover, the Basic Features of Squarespace online are these.

sqaure space features review
Squarespace features review

Sqaure space pricing

Personal planbusiness plancommerce basic plancommerce advanced plan
16 USD/Month 26 USD/Month 35 USD/Month 54 USD/Month
Pricing plan Squarespace

5.Ecwid Ecommerce Features Review

Ecwid eCommerce platform is the best Integration Platform. Its online store Easily integrates anywhere. Additionally, Its features include the widget option. Here you can place and integrate to Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Weebly, WordPress, and square space. Hence, this is clearly a platform that you can integrate.

ecwid ecommerce features
Ecwid eCommerce features


As a result of all the analysis above. Finally, In our recommendation, Woo-commerce is the best free-to-use open-source software. Therefore in Woo-commerce, you can use thousands of plugins. As a result, This platform easily gives many features without any cost.

Although other eCommerce platforms have the same features as woo-commerce. But they are subscription-based. Some have free options like square space but free versions have limited features.

Alternatively, if you need a prebuild platform for online business then we will suggest Shopify as it covers the same features. Here you don’t need any plugins and tools to build the store.

Therefore, on number three we will go for Squarespace as it has built-in features like Shopify. But its business and commerce plans are cheaper than Shopify.

Whereas Bigcommerce should be acquired by large-scale businesses while Ecwid should be used when you want to integrate it with your current eCommerce platform.

Finally, we decidedly tell you that you should choose the plan as per your budget and business type. Especially see pricing comparisons between e-commerce plans.

Moreover, to start eCommerce, you should find ideas for eCommerce products. And also learn about small business-boosting strategies for growth.

please do share your experience with online business in a comment below.

Which eCommerce platform do you like?

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