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Stats for website Traffic

Website stats are the visitor analytics data for a website. Once you set up the tool for stats for a website, it tracks website routine traffic results.Additionally, you can use these tools to find a lot of other information about website visitors. And also you can track the website stats with external and internal website traffic checking tools.

With the help of tools, you can access the number of page views for the website in a day, week, and month. Hence you can track the number of monthly views and other details. And more visitors means your website has a good engagement rate.

Furthermore, you can find the site performance metrics like page views, bounce rate, sessions, and engagement. Every day of login you need a tool in your dashboard that tell the story of daily metrics and page views.

So you can easily monitor your website performance. Here are few tools that can track the page view,website hit stats and traffic results in quick way.

How to see a website’s traffic stats with tools

yes of course a big plugin will guide you the way, to see a website’s traffic stats with these 3 power full super tools. Here we will explore the features of these tools and get website traffic stats.

1.Jetpack plugin Tool for word press website Traffic

As the jet pack is a powerful app to track stats for a website. When you are using wordpress. Then just go to plugin section and installing this plugin. And then you can track the website visitor.

This plugin has a dashboard with which you can easily see the number of pages view for a website. And moreover, you can view a depth analysis of top posts and the number of searches for websites.

via jetpack plugin

2.Google analytics tool for page views

The next big and popular tool is the google analytics tool for website traffic. And for WordPress websites, you can use this plugin as a site kit by google. And this tool gives you a deep and in-depth analysis of visitor page views to demographics.And with the help of this tool you can find website stats.

Moreover, you can analyze website traffic with tools and can find more metrics.

via site kit by google plugin

3. Website traffic checker tool

The other website visit stat tool is the URL search traffic tool. This tools is external website tool. For example, in this tool, you can find your website’s monthly page views, daily traffic, and country.


If you want a website stats dashboard on your website then in our recommendation you should use Google analytics and jetpack tool. As both tools are free to use and provide a detailed website traffic overview.

And furthermore when you want to track the traffic details of any website URL then you can use the tools like website traffic checker. And also for website traffic and competitor analysis you can also check tool similar web.

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