How to Analyze social media content with super tool

Analyze content of social media

Yes, it’s very important when you are doing so much research on keywords and others things like SEO and backlinking. But One thing is sure you have to analyze social media content for the blog post to achieve high traffic results.

So you have to find the tool that helps you how you are performing and how competitors are engaging on the internet with the best blog post traffic results. Hence In this way, you only concentrate on content writing and this tool will help you find the perfect analysis of how your content is going on the internet and social media.

So this tool is Buzzsumo which improves content performance with a better content strategy.

How Buzzsumo works (A social media marketing tool)

Buzzsumo is the tool that gives the results about the content’s popularity over the internet on different platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter. Here you can find how your content is performing on social media channels. What engagement blog post is getting from social sharing and much more.

And it’s the best social media performance evaluation platform. Yes of course it’s an interesting tool that helps to find content that is performing best. So this tool gives you complete statistics about the article and blog post. So this tool can be used by just entering keywords in the buzz sumo URL and you will get awesome results about your blog post.

  • Analyze Audience
  • Trending score for blog or article
  • Number of Engagement for blog
  • Shares of Different social media
  • Metrics for period
  • View analysis report over the period

For example, we performed keyword research on content marketing keywords and find the following results on buzzssumo.

How much does buzz sumo cost

Buzzsumo also gives 10 free searches access to a free account. Moreover, buzz sumo provides a number of blogs and article performance metrics. And you can use the tool to enhance your experience.

  • Content ideas generator
  • Content report
  • Domain report
  • Influencer searches
  • Questions analysis
  • Back linking and much more
  • Facebook analyzer
  • Youtube analyzer
  • Find Influencer on youtube, facebook and twitter

Buzzsumo’s pricing plan starts from these packages. And furthermore, you can get buzz sumo free trail with every package. However, the pricing plan includes 99$/month for pro, 179$/month for, and 299$/month large.

Additionaly you can Check and Analyze Competitor website Traffic.


Yes, it’s the best fit tool that gives a brief detail about how your content is engaging with the audience. How you can create a content strategy for your blog or content. And also you can evaluate so many results that can help you to boost traffic.

However, in our recommendation buzzsumo app tool is the best content strategy tool on social media. Moreover, you can increase your website traffic with SEO. And you can also add a social sharing button to the website with social sharing plugins to increase engagement.

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