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How to blog writing with 3 Creative Tools

You can make the best content for blog writing by reviewing these tools. These blogging tools for article writing are used by bloggers. So you can use them to make your skills strong in article writing. And in this way you can also boost your blogging skills. See more about blogging and how you can make money online with blogging.

1.Paraphrasing tool in Blog Writing

Yes, the other tool that could improve article writing is a . This tool is certainly helping blogging for many reasons. Firstly, this tool can rephrase the text of your sentence or line and make it simple to read. So the readability of your article can be improved.

And the other big thing is that tool provides you to change the sentence structure to fluent, structured, and creative. And it also replaces synonyms for your words automatically.

Moreover, this AI writing tool is free, and online you can just drag your original to the paraphrased text in a simple way. Its five in one tool for blog writing that gives you plagiarism check, article rewriter, Grammar checker, Text summarizer and cite generator.

2.Word Correction And writing Assistant tool

Grammarly is the perfect tool that can help you can enhance your writing skills. As you can use Grammarly for writing or business proposal. This tool will certainly provide the edge overall tools.

Grammarly is a nice and smooth tool for Auto-correction, spelling checks, Auto sentence maker, and plagiarism checker. Moreover if you want to create brand tone for email and business proposal then you can also use this app. This tool identifies the words quickly after you install the Grammarly extension in the browser. It works fast and accurately.

More importantly you can use this app on twitter, Gmail, facebook and other apps. Furthermore you can take Review the grammarly and find some more information about the app.

3.What are similar Words in Blog writing

“Similar words are the words that are closely related to each other’s.”

Yes, of course, everyone who writes, blogs, research or does some writing. You needs words that are unique and impressive. So sometimes it’s hard to find helpful words that match your sentence and tone.

Related words tool is a very reliable tool to find such words. Here in this tool, you can add a word and get hundreds of related word suggestions. So you can easily find words that suit your content and make the copy unique and readable.

A related word is a perfect tool that helps to find related words and synonyms.


Finally, we recommend using these writing tools will improve your article’s readability and engagement. As you know an article readability score improves Content SEO.Moreover, you can use other tips for SEO for a website to improve its ranking in search engine. And also Learn about the searching keywords and tools for Keywords that could help you to boost your website or blog traffic.

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