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Ideas for Product

Yes, It’s a challenging task to identify the product ideas in eCommerce. But Once you pick the idea and start work on it. Then it becomes the cool source of income for you. Hence starting is key to success for every business.

So Don’t overthink, just get some ideas about new business and products. And do some research and choose the product of the business. And then Of course launch the product in your favorite category.

However, we will give you a review about how to get vital ideas for starting a small eCommerce business. And how you can find start a profitable business with the best product idea.

How to Find ideas for the product in ecommerce?

1. Research target market and Produce categories

Hence before starting you should evaluate the category of business. In which field do you want to start the business? For example, to start research you should first evaluate the audience and target market where you want to sell the product.

And next, you should search the business categories in the eCommerce industry. Of course, you can see the top eCommerce platforms. Where you can analyze the different products of interest. Here you can find thousands of products in each category.

Here are big eCommerce sites that help you find ideas in any niche like Aliexpress and Amazon are big eCommerce platforms.

Furthermore, you can analyze e-commerce platforms and their features.

2. Watch Social media Trends for Ideas

As you know that social media platforms are playing a huge role in the community. You can see now peoples love to share ideas and things on social media. And social sharing on these sites became trends and hashtags. So you can also see the trending hashtags for the products.

Therefore you can analyze those trends in social media for product analysis. And also you can do some research on these platforms about communities. And you can learn about interest and share trends about specific pages.

For example following Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter pages of brands. And also product-based pages and groups will also give you an idea about a good product. But you should really focus on location and culture too when selecting the product.

Fon Instance Quora is a question-and-answer community form. Here you can ask questions about anything. And also on quora lot of spaces are available for the community. Where you can join the community of interest. And you can participate in group discussions.

And you can find product experience and product niche ideas related to questions. Such as questions like. What is the best product to sell? Where to find the perfect eCommerce product?

3. Understand local market by Google trend tool

Another big thing is Searching for a local market. And go to visit local market or industry and see which product is trending? Understanding the local wholesale markets is the best idea about products.

For example, for an eCommerce business. If you want to search in any category then you take advantage of the tool Google trends.

Here in Google trends you can set the location and analyze the search trends in that country or region. Moreover, in google trends, you can further break down your search analysis on interest in the sub-region or categories like business, health, science, and sports.

Furthermore, you can also utilize the time period search for the related product. So this tool supports seeing what people want most in a specific category.

For Example, we search the term Jeans and got the results from google trends for the last 12 months.

4. Learn from competitors’ products

As there is a lot of competition in the different niches and product categories. Anyway, whatever you want to sell online there is a competitor.

So Analyzing the competitor page or website can be helpful. And see the trends and innovations about the specific product. So in this way you can use the Google search engine.

Where you can go and take search about the related products. For Instance, after the search, you will see the search results. Here you can find the top-ranked product of brands.

So in search results, you can visit the websites of related category brands. And then you can analyze the products on top-selling and popular products in any niche. So this will help you to figure up what is popular. And how the brands are selling specific products in the market.

5. Get Inspiration and solution ideas

There are so many opportunities around us anywhere for business. You can capitalize it by just analyzing the demands of a specific product. So it is important to understand the demand and supply for any product. And you can fill the supply gap of that product by introducing it to the target market.

And you can make the solution for the particular problem in that market by launching the product in a certain market.

For example, survey the market and analyze the demand for products. Therefore the demand for products can be assessed with a search tool like Google Trends, google keyword planner, and free Keyword research tools. And you can learn more about keyword research by searching keywords for high ranking.

Top product ideas in Ecommerce Categories

When it comes to ideas in eCommerce. There are thousands of products in each category and sub-category. So you can start with a simple product from any niche.

And there are thousands and millions of customers in every product category. So it’s a finding the product that is popular and in-demand but with low in competition. Therefore you can easily rank on Google and other search engines.

For Example, Here are categories such as consumer electronics, apparel, Automobile accessories, sports, home improvement, beauty, and personal care.

Home improvement products Ideas

There is a lot of opportunities and searches in the home improvement category. As the monthly global search volume of home improvement products is almost 201000 per month. And the other interesting thing is that the home improvement stores searches are doubled with a search volume of 550000 in a month.

So in this way, you can take the analysis for any category that is in demand. For example, home improvement products, includes LED lights, indoor and outdoor lighting, and home tools. And furthermore, you can get ideas about many micro products in subcategories.

Automobile and car accessories product ideas

For instance, the car accessories category with over 301000 searches globally in a month. And you can explore more sub-categories of ideas in Cars and automobiles. Such as car seat cover, car cover, car floor mat, car washing, car stickers, car electronics part, and car tools for eCommerce business.

Consumer electronics product ideas

Similarly, this is the popular category of products. Which hold wearable devices, Mobile chargers, Digital cameras, drone cameras, camera accessories, Tv sticks, headphones, speakers, and Tv.

And furthermore, this product category is also having thousands of product ideas.

Popular Low-cost products ideas in Ecommerce

Certainly, at the beginning or start of an eCommerce business. You need low-cost products with minimum risk. Because low-cost products sell faster than expensive products.

And you can take advantage of low-cost products such as easy stock, low budget, and fast selling. For example here are some products that are selling faster.

1. Cardholder

2. Bra

3. Digital art

4. LED lights

5. water bottles

6. Belts

7. Underwears

8. smartwatch

9. Mobile phone holder

10. Bag pack

11. Mobile phone cover

12. personal blender

13. Hiking pants

14. Kids toys

15. Exercise mat

16. Caps

17. Shorts

18. wallets


Finlay, whether you want to start big or small. You should always focus on the tools like digital marketing, SEO, and content design. But Also analyze the season, trends, culture, interest, buying power, and region for a product that you want to sell.

Most importantly, after completing the research you should be focused on what budget you require to start an eCommerce launch? So the answer is to this question lies in this statement.

“Start it with what you have in your hand. And start it now”.

And also evaluate the product wholesaler and manufacturer for easy product availability. Next is to build the brand identity, Business name, and product strategy for marketing the business. But always start with small and then scale the product in any business as per growth opportunity.

So Start it now and make the journey in eCommerce.

And do share in comments about which product and category are best for eCommerce business?

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