How to use Whatsapp for Business 3+ Features

WhatsApp for Business

What’s app business is the new app for businesses from whatsapp. It’s a big app where customers and shoppers can easily communicate with each other on the Business WhatsApp chat.

As in this, it is easy to create a catalog of products or services on Whatsapp business. So you can show your business products to the customers easily.

Therefore Small and large businesses are using this for growth in business. Thus this social media platform provides unique easy communication for e commerce business.

As per Statista report, most of the Whatsapp users in the US are in the age group of 26-35 years. Furthermore, as per Hootsuite the number of users as per gender are 46% females and 53% male.

  • Whats app has over 2 billion user in the world.
  • Top three countries with number of whatsapp users

India  400 million

Brazil 108 million

The United States 75 million

WhatsApp Business Users can use only one phone number on one Account. Here are the features and tools of the business Whatsapp account.

Business whatsapp Tools and Features

In particular business, WhatsApp provides more advanced features recently for small business owners to make their business more effective.

1.Business Whatsapp Profile

Installation is simple and easy. Go to Andriod or IOS app store then install the app and go to settings to setup more information for business.

Business Whatsapp has the option to display the business information to the visitor or customers.

Such as we can add a business name with a complete description. Also, have the option to categorize your business.

In Addition, you can add the cover, logo, Address, phone number, and website for the business account. In the same way, the website linking to a WhatsApp account provides access easy between the two medium. So by adding website customers can easily go to your website.

For instance, you should manage this information in good colors for better business appearance. So profile with good images and logos can create impressive results in business presentations.

2.Product Catalog for Business

Also, it has the feature of for product catalog. In other words, you can easily put your business products pictures on the business whats catalog.

Therefore it offers others features such as Product price, Description, and Codes. So you can add many of the products to display for customers with ADD NEW ITEMS option and images.

To summarize, product catalog manager feature customers can easily access the product picture of the business, the prices, and can see product descriptions.

And furthermore, you can display the product collections.

  • Business whatsapp>business tools>catalog

By pressing the product display button and picture customers can easily fully view the product. In particular, you can display products on the catalog with two options for customers.

As From these customers can easily message the business center plus having the choice to product Add to cart.


For Example, In this article, we take a business profile of . As from this, you can easily preview the business profile catalog.

3. Messaging in Business whatsapp

Furthermore, it has the best Easy customer messaging that allows quick responses from businesses. As it has the feature of greeting messages. So in this, the business can set up a customized message for greeting to any of the customers. Simply when they join your profile or send messages.

Therefore Away messages for business can also be set up for offline customers support. Furthermore, quick replies customized messages can also be communicated.

online Store for whatsapp in business account
Business information setting
catalogue manager in whatsapp for business
catalog manager in whatsapp business
product display in whatsapp for business
Product in whatsapp

4.Marketing the business on whatsapp

Whatsapp has introduced a new business promotion feature for small businesses. As in this, the businesses promote the products’ images on Facebook. By Creating the Advertisement on Facebook you can reach more customers and with little spending can catch a lot of business.

Create ad on facebook by Whatsapp

And in the first step you have to connect your WhatsApp account to a Facebook page.  Therefore, go to business tools, select the advertisement on Facebook. The next step is to select the catalog item which you want to advertise.

And then continue the process by connecting to Facebook. After the connection, you can choose the target market, demographics, and Area. Here you can easily get marketing traffic from Facebook to your FB page and WhatsApp account.

More Business marketing Opportunities by linking the business WhatsApp account to instagram. Such integration will help to place the ad on this platform.

marketing on whatsapp account review
Advertisement on facebook

As a Short link is a quick profile and business images sharing option in Whatsapp. Especially you have quick ways to send the link on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook feed, Email, and other social media platforms.

In addition to this QR, the shortcode can also be shared easily by the Share code button.

Business whatsapp benefits

  • Easy business messaging
  • Quick customers support
  • Create easy Advertisement on facebook
  • Multi Product image Display
  • Product pricing and description display for customers
  • Business information presentation
  • Website Linking available
  • Faceook and Instagram integration


However, it can be used as the best marketing tool for small businesses as it provides a lot of tools. So it is the best way to send quick customers support and updates about the business.

Here businesses can use the tools and can gain new customers and achieve growth.

  • Addressing question related to products or services
  • Build product support and satisfaction by messaging
  • Product availability and delivery Notifications
  • Conveying Product Discounts
  • Sending promotional codes and messages

As a WhatsApp is a powerful tool that can be effective for use in small businesses. And this will helps to achieve business targets.

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