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Parking Domain

What is parking Domain?

“Domain parking is registering your domain to the parking providers marketplace”.

In particular, the Parking domain can be monetized without uploading any content on the Domain. Hence, Domains are live on the internet, and Ads are placed on the domain page.

So this advertisement placement on a domain single page is viewed by the visitors. And domain owners get paid when visitors click on ads.

Here in this way, You can generate revenue from the parking domain. But this revenue is split into percentages between parking service providers and domain owners.

Especially, It is just a strategy for many domain investors and domain owners to go live for Domain they own with nothing on the webpage but a landing page.

And this Landing Page gives them the opportunity to be visible on the internet. And also it is mostly used to display the For sale banner.

Benefits of Parking Domain

1.Earning Revenue from Domain parking

Parking domain is worth getting paid without placing content on Domain. Hence, It is an easy source of revenue that can be generated while parking your domain on the service provider.

But this revenue and cash may depend on how worthy your domain is? As Domain-worthy criteria depend on many factors.

Such as keywords, short and easy domain names. And also the Domain names have easy searchability in URL. As these domains have more searches. And also these valuable domains generate more traffic on parked pages. So this results in increased revenue.

2.Parking Domain for Selling

Additionally, It is the idea of selling the domain name on domain parking platforms. So it’s an easy way to place the Domain name for the sale landing page.

Moreover, In this process, the seller parks the domain. As owner place the domain on the parking service.

And the parking company automatically makes the For sale landing page that remains live on the internet as per rules and policies with the service provider. 

Furthermore, any visitor who lands on this page sees the for sale banner. And such visitors who may have any interest in buying this domain can easily catch that domain.

Such a technique is good and easy to create landing pages without any fee in a huge marketplace. Hence it increases the chances to get more earnings from domains with no marketing.

Sometimes it may take time to sell a domain on this marketplace. So many sellers wait for the best possible price for the domain.

Over such a marketplace, the domain parking companies get a percentage commission on selling the domains. As this commission ranges from 15-20 %.

3.Placing the Domain for Later Project

In addition to all this, Many users make personal Parked pages for temporary time periods. And domain owners use banners for under construction and coming soon website projects.

Such banners allow the visitor to see the website under a construction banner instead of a blank web URL page.

A blank URL creates an annoying effect for visitors. So making the banner for later projects or coming soon is a good strategy. And also many web developers use effective brand messages to create brand awareness on Under construction websites.

4.Securing Domain names

However, getting the perfect domain for the project is not easy. As you get a domain for your project. Then you take the domain and secure that domain name for later use. Because there is so much competition is out there and every one want to take the short and memorable domain name for business and blog.

If you have got one whos strength is great in domain marketplace then it will benefit you later.

Thus, in this way you can easily secure the domain on domain marketplaces. And park it for future use. Hence you can make your own web and parking page.

Attracting visitors for domain selling

Furthermore, It is a good source of attracting visitors. And valuable domains on parked pages easily attract visitors. For instance, domain parking providers offer many templates and packages for parking pages.

As some parking providers offer landing pages like websites. So these pages attract more visitors and increase the traffic.

Parking Domain Companies

Yes, there are many platforms available. And you can use these platforms. And mostly these platforms are free to use. Here are the best parking domain platforms.

How to Park domain?

Therefore the parking process is easy and simple. When you own a domain. Then you have to go to these parking plate forms and follow the steps as per the website.

Once you have the Account with the parking company. Then you can easily use the account and Redirect your domains to parking companies.

Creating an Account at domain marketplace

Furthermore, Selecting the Domain parking marketplace service. First, you go and Create or register. And then Follow the key requirements for making an account.

  • A verified Email address.
  • personal mobile phone number
  • Address detail of your location.
  • Bank account and bank code information required for wire transfer for funds transfer. Other payment method is Paypal.

Entering Domain and Setting up information

The Next step is to select and add the domain you want to park on the parking service. And set up the price for the domain. So, pricing options include Buy now and make an offer. Thus, these are the common settings on all marketplace.

Most providers offer Domain Auctions options for parked domains. And you can also check the value of your domain on domain valuation. And then you can manage the domain price on your account.

Routing domain to parked Platforms

Of course, you can easily route the domains from your domain registrar to the parking providers. Over there you have to change the DNS setting for your Domain. Then parking service providers verify the ownership by email.

So In this method, you are asked to enter the domain ownership verification ID into your TXT or CNAME record field in the Registrant account.

In addition to this, you can use the other method of domain verification. By forwarding the DNS servers to the Domain Parking Platform. But you have to follow the procedures as per the Domain registrar and parking providers.

Managing the Parked domain

Furthermore, the domain account managing option includes the clicks, CTR, earning per click EPC, and Total earning. That shows how your domain is performing on parked service.

And you can also submit more than one domain for parking. So many Users purchase lot domains park them. And account provides the facility to manage all domains.


As the domain parking process is worthy. And many users parked the domains every day on different service providers. Hence they generate money by selling domains at high prices, not much by Ads revenue.

And this is an easy passive income way. So domain Parking is worthy of Selling Domains only.

But Ad Revenue is not a worthy source of income as these ads’ value is reduced by many policies by search engines.

Therefore It’s only beneficial when you have good Valuable Domains in your Dashboard which may be sold at a High price. And these valuable domains can make a Difference in earning at the domain parking marketplace.

On the other hand, we will recommend you to buy the domain and get the web hosting service. And start to build the perfect website and blog in WordPress or on any content management system.

So in this way you can earn money with your blog and website. And also you can learn eCommerce and can make your online business store.

If you have any experience with domain parking then share with us in a comment below.

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