10 SEO Tips for website Optimization

How to seo for the website

Seo is called Search engine optimization. And SEO Is the way to enhance website traffic. “So this is how you can get Traffic in a natural way. And websites with good SEO, easily index higher on search engines.

Therefore, the Faster the website loads and the best the user experience you give to the audience. Then more visitors will Quickly see the content. So in this way you increase traffic and optimization for your website.

SERP search engine ranking position is based on SEO. By implementing these practices you can easily rank your website. Here are the 10 tips to do SEO for the website.

1.Page speed SEO for the website

Website Page Load speed is an important factor in the SEO of a website.

Studies suggests That 1.0-1.6 seconds is the best load time for website.

So if the Page Load time > 1 – 1.6 seconds (Bounce rate below 50 %)

And if page Load time > 1.6 – 5 seconds (Bounce rate Above 50%)

Hence, Page speed depends on Page Size, Elements, and Images. Here managing these elements can boost your website page load time.


In particular Page Speed insight is a free Google tool for checking the content of the website and webpage. And Page speed insights test analyze the page speed and give suggestions about the website speed improvement.

So you can use this speed insight by entering your website URL in the page speed insight search bar. Next, click on the blue analyze button. This will show the results of the analysis performed by the google speed test for test.

There In this Analysis, you can take opportunities. And google will suggest how you can increase the page speed. So by checking functions you can increase your WordPress Pages Speed. That will help in SEO.

  • Convert images to Next gen format
  • Improve server response time
  • Remove unused javascript and CSS from website

2.SSL role in SEO for the Website

SSL and HTTP are related terms to the security of your website. If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Then your website will expose to hackers and cyber-attacks. So at any stage, your website information will not be secure.

Additionally, Search Engine did not suggest the page in search results. So It affects the rank of the site. That’s the reason, to get good traffic for your website.

Of course, HTTPS secured websites show good results on search engines. So Always make sure your website is secured with SSL and you continuously updating it.

3.Site structure seo for the website

Moreover, developing a website’s organized structure in such a way that all its pages should be interlinked properly.

Hence, page interlinking is done by joining the page with other pages of the website via a URL link. Such page interlinking of websites will increase the SEO of the website.

As the search engine understands easily the interconnection between all pages, posts, and content.

“This interlinking tells the Search engine about Easy navigation”.

So easy Navigation results in a good user experience with the theme. In addition to this good User experience comes from nice and organized content. And placing the Buttons and links do highlight the easy navigation to pages.

however, Web Crawler index the content after Navigating the complete website. So having a good site structure will improve on-site SEO for your website.

  • Linking the Home Page with all pages of Website for Best SEO results.
  • Post and page Interlinking on website

4. Mobile friendly page SEO for the website

Now a day’s lot of traffic comes from Smartphones. Because Mobile-friendly websites are getting a good number of visitors. So the website page should be mobile-friendly.

If Your website is previewed on mobile phones easily then it will boost the SEO of your website.

As Search Engine Rank Mobile Responsive web pages easily. So for Better ranking make your website pages mobile responsive and mobile-friendly.

  • Test The Page for Mobile Friendly On Google mobile page analysis.

You can easily test your website. It is mobile-friendly or not. Google Mobile-Friendly test on google search console.

At This Link, you can test your Website pages. So this helps in website Optimization. And furthermore, with the use of the Google search console, you can analyze websites.

Furthermore, Creating the permalinks structure is good for your website SEO. Here permalinks are the URL Address of your post or page with your website URL.

So creating these permalinks to post and pages with the most searchable keywords increase the SEO for the website. Additionally, you can see the tips for keyword research.

For instance, by creating good permalinks search engines will easily pick the keywords on website permalinks and display them on Search results.

These permalinks are called easy Web Addresses. Hence, search engine recognizes these links easily. So this helps in the SEO of the Website.

Permalinks in wordpress
WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks > Common settings >

So in the above image, you can easily see the best SEO Settings for Permalinks.

6.SEO with Headings and subheadings

And on the website your heading H1, H2, H3, H4 Should clearly Done in paragraphs. If you are using WordPress, Then the first paragraph should contain the Keyword or keyphrase of your topic.

Every paragraph’s Text limit should be below 100 words. In the subheading, Your topic should be clearly reflected. And In the heading topic, Keyphrase should be placed to improve SEO.

H1 Is Your Main Topic heading.

These are Sub Topic headings > H2 > H3 > H4 > H5

7. Site map seo for the website

An XML site map is a file that contains all information about the site. So It is related to pages, Updates, and links.

An XML site map can be submitted to the Google search console by just inserting a URL page or post  URL.

Another way is to install Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress. That works well and automatically generates XML site maps.

  • Site Map is an XML file that informs the search engine about pages, posts, and categories.
  • So submitting Site map to Google Search Console for better SEO results

Site Map Submitting In wordpress with Yoast Plugin

  • Go to Plugins > Install Yoast Plugin > Go to General > Features > click on see the XML site map
screen shot for xml site map in yoast plugin
  • Copy the URL of website On page that page
  • Go to Google Search console > Index > site Map > paste the URL you copied > click Submit

8.Image SEO and Optimization

Image SEO is important for the website. For instance when you are using images in the content. It also appears in search engine results.

Therefore image optimization depends on the best size and format. Additionally, These file types for images should be JEPG, GIF, and PNG.

And also Image Load Times matters. As the huge image size can increase the page load time.

“Page loading is important factor for ranking in Google”.

Image SEO is done by image description, Image Crop, and Image Alt text. And Image Alt text is the text that appears on the WordPress Image setting. So this is the alternative text that shows on the Image section when it does not load.

“Best Image Format Is JEPG”

“Best Image File Size is 50 kb to 100kb”

For best SEO practice for image ALT text is essential. As a result, Alt image text should be short and concise. And Using keywords in image descriptions creates good SEO for websites.

Especially, Images are searched on google for every topic. So providing the ALT text, Description, and caption to the image gives the search engine a link for the website.

So It is the best way to get traffic from a search engine like Google images.

9.Title Tag and Description for Web page or Post

Certainly, Title Tags are the page Heading that appears on the Search Engine in blue color. So this is the title heading.

And this Heading is the Main link between website and search engine. so giving the Title for the page or post is key to on-page SEO.

And Title description is the Content Description below the SEO title. So It is a little description of the topic of the page. And It should be between 120-150 characters for better SEO. In this Description, you can use the Keywords or content main heading points.

SEO Plugins Helps in setting up the Title and Title Description of the Website page. Using these will enhance your website Speed and work performance.

Social media links are important and popular for websites. Providing links on social media accounts to your web page will create a social signal to the search engine. Therefore, lots of social media links create opportunities to drive organic results.

However, sharing content on social platforms increases the chances that your content will be liked and shared. So keep Social media Audiences engaged with your content. So this can be done by regular content sharing.

Hence, these Links are valuable and make your content live. And good content gets recognized and it builds trust in the visitor.

As your content is shared more on social media it will produce more links and audience. So this will generate more traffic to the website. Additionally, you can use social sharing plugins for content share.

Benefits of SEO

  • Higher Ranking for your web page
  • SEO increases conversions
  • It Decreases Bounce Rate
  • SEO Helps to Boost Traffic
  • Tells search Engine about Page content
  • Provides good User experience
  • Increase website performance

Seo Plugins in WordPress

There are the best SEO plugins available that can be used in WordPress to improve website Optimization and SEO. By using these Plugins, you can Manage your website performance and optimization.

Here in our recommendation, the Yoast SEO plugin is best for blog and content marketing. Hence we used it in our content management system and we recommend this plugin if you are using WordPress. Additionally, you can improve your website optimization and speed.

Here are the TOP SEO plugins that you can review with a five-star rating.

So if you know more helpful plugins for SEO tips for websites then please share in a comment.

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