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Of course, it’s exciting to get free hosting and start a website. Many Web hosting providers offer sites for free hosting services for websites or blogs. But free hosting services will not match the quality and features of paid hosting services.

However, you can start your website. After getting little experience of the website. Next, you can use paid web hosting plan.

As Word press is a free open-source content management system. And you can install and use it for free to make the websites.

And WordPress is the largest and most popular content management system for building Websites.

First, you need a domain and hosting service for your website. Additionally, Hosting Provider offers free subdomains with Free hosting. So you can easily get the domain and hosting from these hosting providers.

Here we explore these sources of free web hosting. And you can review them for your next hosting plan.

  • (google site) (blogger)
  • Sqaureup

1. site for free hosting

ooo web hosting service is the free hosting service provided by the hostinger. And with these features you can start your website like C panel, php and sql database. And moreover this web hosting plan (000webhost) offers the following features.

000 web host free hosting review
Hostinger free web hosting review

Pros of ooowebhost

However on ooo web hosting you can host up to one website at 000webhost. And another benefit of using this hosting service is that 000webhost allows access to server and database files.

Additionally, From 000 web hosting, you can easily install WordPress. And It also allows you to use 1 FTP account. And You can also use the free subdomain of 000webhost.

Cons of ooowebhost

As in this, you have no support service is available and limited features. And Hosting does not support huge traffic and it limits the bandwidth to 3GB. So you can take paid hosting plan from 000webshot service. free web hosting site

WordPress Offers the free web hosting package on signup. And you should log in to word press and Register.

After registration, you can launch your website. But that will provide you with the basic features for the website and with a subdomain.

So, Most of the software, Themes, and designs will not be offered.

However, Its dashboard provides you with basic publishing features. For building a website, you don’t need coding experience.

On this site, you can have a basic free hosting plan for a website. And All other plans include Personal, premium, business, and e-commerce. But all these plans are paid and have annual subscriptions.

3.Awardspace host Free web hosting for wordpress site

Award space hosting can host up to 4 websites (1 domain and 3 subdomains). Additionally, It has easy one-click WordPress installations.

So this website hosting is best for small blogs and websites. This web hosting for WordPress is ad-free and gives 100% uptime.

Award space free hosting review
Awardspace Free hosting Review Screenshot

Award host Free hosting plan includes my SQL database with PHP, my admin. And Easy Step to get free web hosting.

First, you have to go to sign up for a free hosting account on the award space. Then select the CMS system WordPress and click to install the WordPress and build your website at this site.

Pros of Award space

And Award space hosting is giving free website builders for websites. As some developers do not like the WordPress environment, So the award space website builder is the best option for them.

The award space host customer support is available 24/7 for Free hosting customers.

4.Google Sites with Free Hosting and website builder

Moreover, Google Offers free Web hosting for google sites. So It is a simple and easy way to host a free website there on google. Therefore Google gives the opportunity to develop a website.

Here in this website builder you can create and design website for free with adding sections. Moreover you can use google template gallery for website building. Where you can select your favorite google template for website building.

And also You can easily build create a free website with your domain. Here are the following steps you can follow to get google free hosting.

  1. First get Domain from Google Domain.
  2. second, build you website (blog or ecommerece solution) With no coding on google sites.
  3. Then, Go Live with google.

Added Features of Google sites

  • Fully optimized Templates Available on google
  • Responsive Layout for mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Free hosting service available
  • Creative Themes with pre-designed fonts and color

Free Tools for website building in google

  • Google Site
  • Blogger

Cloud Hosting Services (Paid tools) In google

Google cloud hosting service plan Review
google cloud hosting service paid tools screenshot for review Site of free web hosting

Furthermore, Free hosting is another site for free hosting. As It offers unlimited Time free hosting features for web hosting as your website complies with fair policy use.

Here this site is providing a free website builder but not a free domain or subdomain for the website. And you have to buy the addons to use the free hosting package.

Features of features review

6.SqaureUp Online site for Free web Hosting for Ecommerce store

There are so many options available for building the website. However, if you’re want to look for easy-to-use, and added feature platform then you can consider Square Up.

This website builder is very nice and perfect for anyone who is just beginner or wants to create a simple website. You can use it to create a simple website or a more complex website with many features available in sqaureup. The sqaureup is easy to use platform and you can create a website in no time. Moreover you can use top template gallary for website builiding.

And Sqaureup Offer Free web hosting for the eCommerce store. And the site is offering these features for hosting.

Hence you can start Free online store at sqaureup with following features. Learn more about how you can start your online store at sqaureup with features like free POS and social media integrations.

Free hosting review for sqaureup
Sqaureup free hosting Review Screenshot


Here all these are sites for free web hosting. Here we shared with you some examples for free web hosting for a perfect start. So can check and compare all the above plans and details for free web hosting.

Furthermore, you can explore more free web hosting sources. And then select the plan which perfectly matches your need and requirement. So Hope you find some good sites for free hosting.

As using free web hosting not brings extra and added features to you, but you can start build a website for free from these website builder. And as you grow you can take fully loaded web hosting plans from hosting providers.

Read more about What is web hosting and Web Hosting Features.

Do share more sites of free hosting if you know in a comment below.

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