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The New modern technology VR Head set quest pro Launched by Facebook meta for its Users. Virtual reality integrated with apps to provide better user Experience. 

Meta quest pro revealed at Meta connect where Mark Zuckerberg Meets the reality, lab team.

The Team deliver the best Virtual Experience head set as the Meta Quest Pro at the price of 1499$.

Design of Quest Pro

And It is a completely virtual experience for users with Mixed reality and an Advance lens that presents strong visuals.  Additionally, it has front 4x high-resolution cameras that make you feel with digital world interaction. And now you don’t need to look down at your phone again and again.

Virtual reality set connects easily with Phone. Meta VR Pro Provide High quality resolution results in all formats.

Its Oculus technology feature makes the best results when you’re moving in any direction and provides a room-scale tracking feature and provides exceptional results.

Moreover, these devices’ internal sensors detect the face impressions like joy, eye movement, and facial movement. And in the same way, this will all happen on your avatar.  So you can interact with others while having feelings in front of you.

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Future of Business and Work with Metaverse

Yes, when it comes to productivity tools in a virtual world where you can meet your team in a digital environment. Microsoft CEO also announced the partnership that will additionally increase efficiency by adding Microsoft teams where meetings can be joined from meta horizon.

Social Media and Avatar in Quest Pro

The new social experience is growing now a day very fast and So, Meta has also announced a future headset where you can meet your friends and family by just entering into the meta horizon world.

Meta Avatar is a more interesting feature in the future headset where these avatars will be available on social media platforms like Whatsapp and messenger. Here you can express your feelings and make reactions with an avatar.

HD Display In Virtual Environment

VR Displaying feature ability of the virtual control is very impressive. It contains a high level of Pixels that shows HD graphics. That can be best with games, events, shows, and others.

But this reality Bring and backed by FB Meta and produces the stunning experience of working in a wireless headset Virtual world while staying in the Real. In fb new Head set, the idea is to invite you to a collective place where you can work with teams, and on virtual designs.

Its touch controllers enable the production of stunning designs while using the apps. Having a perfect design in VR technology, its wearing comfort level has been increased. Furthermore, you will get the option of multitasking screens.

This Mean you can do multiple works and tasks like chat, podcasts, or meetings.

Meta Touch Pro Controllers & Accessories

These In hand controllers are balanced and provide natural extensions to hands. Hence you don’t need to worry about its controls.

The Facebook VR Quest pro meta includes the

  • Meta touch controller
  • charging dock
  • Charging cable,
  • Adaptor
  • wrist strap
  • Light blockers
  • Protective Gear

Apps Integration with Quest Pro Meta

Now you can enjoy a continuous App catalog where you can enjoy online integration. Thus, with Apps like gravity sketch, you can create 3d sketches in Virtual reality. With This, you can rapidly create designs and ideas for products and speed up the designing with team tasking.

And With Meta quest pro VR head set you have Apps include Adobe, Horizon worlds, Last pass, Gravity sketch.

man in virtual reality pro head set at business and team
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How to Setup Meta Quest Pro

Meta quest mobile app is to used to connect your device. Moreover, through the app, you can download the content, Updates, and Accounts information.

Advance Specs

Its Hardware has Snapdragon Processor XR2+ with 256 GB storage, and 12GB RAM. In Addition to all this its having Innovative optics technology that gives engaging VR results.  The controller’s battery life is about 8 hours and touch controllers offer a 360 range of motion in the virtual space.

Pros Of Meta Pro VR

Of course, this is far better than quest 2. And its, stability, Improved Performance, and load times are much better than quest 2. Again the other best thing is that it enhances your Work alliance. And you can enjoy a cool place while meeting in the virtual world.

But also there are many reviews about meta quest pro cost. However, As per Its Specs and performance results it is not costly in the price of 1499$. Due to bulk range of app integrations for enhanced experience in VR it price is reasonable.

Cons of The VR Pro by Fb

Yes, there are some cons you can’t ignore as per reviews such as Charging times and Strap Issues. Moreover none of the business apps like popular zoom and chat. And We are hoping that quest 3 will be far better and improved in more apps and software integrations.

Too much use of VR can cause some effects on your health. But serious consideration should be taken while continuing the use in longer hours. And Also supervise and guide when kids are using the this products.

These are some common things you should see while using VR. Such as avoiding Collision with things. Clearing the Place before using the VR.


Meta VR headset in 1500USD is still a very Nice product for virtual reality users. Meta Is hoping that the next launch of VR will be more virtual for Online business. The Concept is not seeing the world on screen but Entering into the virtual world with productive tools.

Finally, the Next Gen. Avatar of VR may have legs as meta has invested heavily In VR technology and the metaverse.

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