Top 9 Web Hosting Features – You Must Need In Hosting

Getting economical web hosting is the key requirement for any developer. Yes, It’s great to have economical hosting which provides you the best experience for the website. On the other, every hosting package and hosting provider has some pros and cons. Hence, here are the 9 web hosting features for multi and single websites you must require in the hosting package. So By Reviewing these features you can get more from your web host.

1. Disk space for website

As the disk space should be 10-50 GB SSD. Yes, It is very much a requirement. So that is very much for the starter business or publisher.

And most of the time the users may not use the complete SSD space. So Don’t go for big SSD storage. Hence, See the web hosting plan that fits your basic storage need.

2.Bandwidth and Up Time

Additionally, the bandwidth for each website hosting is important. Minimum 100GB bandwidth is good for a single website. As it is the data transferred between website users and your website.

And the website hosting plan should have the feature to cover the Maximum Traffic for your website.

Moreover, a Website’s 100% uptime is also important for every website. So, Always go for that host that gives you 100% uptime. And many hosting sites face downtime when they have heavy traffic.

3. C Panel in web hosting features

C Panel services are provided by many Hosting providers as in this feature you can easily install software for a website with other advanced features in the web hosting plan. It is the complete content management panel system. Although a lot of hosting platforms are providing their customized web panel.

As this C panel has many tools. so these tools are related to security, Email Accounts, File protocols, Databases, Domain control, Metrics, analytics, and software.

4.PCI security standards

PCI feature enables the protection of debit, credit, and card transactions at websites. So this feature help in business or e-commerce websites.

For example, you want to start for eCommerce business then you should select such a plan in which you can easily manage e-commerce stores and businesses with this feature.

5.Free SSL certificate Installation feature

Especially, In web hosting the most attractive feature is the SSL. As many of the Hosting providers offer free SSL certificates for all websites you need.

SSL is necessary for every website. However, if your website is not secured with SSL then it will affect ranking and overall website security.

And Also without SSL, your website information is not secured. So The attackers might steal information and your website may be at risk.

So Always try to get this feature in your web hosting plan.

6.Content Delivery Network CDN

CDN feature in web hosting is vital for the growth of your website optimization. And we recommend you this feature in your web hosting plan.

So with this feature, your website content is delivered to all servers around the world in the quickest way.

And It provides the fastest loading time for your website. Additionally, it provides more advanced protection against cyber attackers.

7.Website builders with web hosting features

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world. Many bloggers, publishers, and starters’ businesses look for customized websites, builders.

However, Website builders provide the easy and quickest way to make your website live on the internet. These website builders have drag and drop features that allow the user to make websites easily.

And website builders are easy to use and have no skill requirements for coding to make a website. For instance, For developers with no experience with WordPress. you can take this feature for publishing content.

8. Migration services for your website

Migration services are required when you want to change your web hosting from one hosting provider to the other.

However, this feature allows the simple migration of websites from one host to other. So choose the services for providers that offer free or minimal charges for website migration.

And if you want to change the host for your website at any stage you can easily transfer to the other host.

9.Easy WordPress installation in web hosting features

Faster and easy WordPress installation is key when building a website. just take the web hosting service that allows you to enable quick and easy WordPress installation for the website.

Such as signing in to the C panel going to the software section and selecting the Softaculous app that will easily and swiftly install your WordPress. Many Hosting Plans are giving the features for one-click word press installation.

Here are the popular hosting providers that are providing web hosting plans with a lot of advanced features.


So when going for a hosting package you always see the basic requirement related to hosting. And always compare the plans and features with the budget. Additionally most important is to have the free SSL for the website. As SSL provides security for websites.

And getting it free with the domain is worthy.

Furthermore, for advanced and ultra-fast hosting features, you should review the Site ground web hosting.

Moreover, pricing plans and features can be reviewed by comparing web hosting plans and their features.

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Of course, do share your findings and reviews about hosting in the comment.

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