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Of Course, As you know that in the digital web world, you need to perform faster on your web tasks. And to achieve goals like managing huge traffic on a website. Certainly, you need ultra-fast hosting services and hosting solutions. So here we reviewed the web hosting in the cloud.

What is cloud web hosting?

Cloud web hosting enables the website to communicate fast with different data servers around the world. Hence, websites load faster from any location. And can handle huge traffic at the website. As it contains more virtual servers around the world also called data centers. And they work and interact faster than a single data center.

On the other hand, when you talk about a web hosting service that includes the data storage on the local servers and depends on bandwidth. And it also limits a large volume of traffic such as big for e-commerce sites.

Hence, you require web hosting that quickly gives access to data from virtual servers around the world. Such a web hosting solution gives faster and more efficient data management on servers.

So If you want to increase the business all over the world. Then you need the cloud web hosting plan that gives an ultra-fast hosting experience. And also having advanced security features for large businesses.

Why cloud hosting is better?

Increases Traffic for web in cloud hosting

There you can add more space over virtual data servers around the world. Here it gives more data communication between website and users. For example, it also gives less load time for files such as videos, Javascript, and HTML pages. Hence, a large volume of traffic can easily be managed and maintained over such hosting.

So these website pages load faster and offer more website optimization. And also this reason makes the website get more impressions and easily find on search engines.

Provides security on data servers

Furthermore, web cloud hosting offers an advanced level of security. For Instance, firewalls security at all the data centers at the same time. So this enables the protection of data from cyber-attacks, theft, and data loss.

Here are the best web cloud hosting providers that are offering services.

Best web cloud hosting providers

1.Digital Ocean Cloud hosting

And here is the mission statement of the digital ocean that describes simplified cloud computing. And having 14 data centers around the world. That describes that they have been working efficiently.

And the digital ocean is best in cloud hosting as they are having droplets (virtual machines). Where you can select the different data packages as per storage, CPU, and memory.

Pricing Plan Review of Digital Ocean

And Its basic and general-purpose packages having a range from 6$ to 80$ per month. So you can select your droplet range and then practice as per your requirement.

Simply, you can choose the plan as per your business requirement.  And if you use more data over the package then it will be notified in the dashboard panel with per hour rate as per usage.

digital ocean hosting plan review screenshot
Digital ocean hosting

Moreover, you can resize and upgrade the resources as per usage. For example, you can add more space by 0.10$ GB per month. In addition to this, you can calculate the price droplet plan of the digital ocean on the pricing calculator.

In Addition, they provide enterprise SSD storage to increased performance. So the other features such as cloud fire and team management for users are also available.

Additionally, you can monitor droplet performance such as bandwidth use in the dashboard. Especially you can take optimized dedicated Cloud solution as per CPU, Storage, and memory requirement.

Hostinger Cloud hosting Review

Secondly here is the other cloud hosting solution that guarantees you the perfect speed with shared hosting. Hostinger is a renowned company that provides hosting services. And having data centers are available all around the world.

Hostinger cloud hosting review screenshot
hostinger cloud hosting

Hostinger web cloud hosting offers a simple control panel and Many Tools available. Hence every business website needs Security.

Here they are offering instant backups and setup for websites with super speed.

Hostinger hosting packages for the cloud include start-ups, professionals, and enterprises.

SiteGround Cloud hosting

And the other Cloud web hosting is Siteground hosting. As site ground hosting is providing services since 2004 and has Datacenters all over the world. Additionally having 10,000 reviews with a 4.7 excellent rating on the Trust Pilot.

siteground cloud hosting review screen shot
site ground cloud hosting

And they are also providing Cloud web hosting services with Ultra-fast medium. In addition to this, they are offering CPU and SSD resources with a devoted account.

Moreover, Site Ground hosting includes a powerful infrastructure with extra cloud safety features.

And Cloud packages start from 100$ per month to 300$. Furth more, in Siteground cloud hosting you can also select the auto-up scale of resources. For example, this will help you in the period of more traffic. And cloud account provides the options of dedicated IP and Free CDN.

Google Cloud web hosting Platform

Google is also offering cloud web hosting services to its users. As google platform is renowned for so many tools for the web and technology. Additionally, Google has a strong infrastructure to provide cloud web hosting solutions.

google cloud web hosting review screenshot
Google cloud web hosting

Here at Google, you can easily deploy web hosting services within clicks. And you can easily select a category. Such for the blog website you can see WordPress for simple websites and blogs.

Moreover here you can set up static websites, web apps, and dynamic websites. And Google also offers to learn the cloud platform and get started.


Finally when you discover about cloud hosting. Hence, it is far better than a simple web hosting service. Because it gives fast data transmission across the globe with added security features.

Hence in our recommendation, it is the best hosting for large web projects and e-commerce sites. But it’s more costly than simple web hosting. In the above review, we suggest you if you actually want to use then you should start it with Hostinger. As it offers cloud hosting at affordable and competitive rates than site ground, digital ocean, and google cloud.

However, for Large traffic websites, you should definitely consider the site ground or digital ocean. And moreover for web apps, and managed infrastructure, google cloud is a better option.

So What do you think about web Cloud hosting? Share in the comment.

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