5 Tips to Design WordPress Website with top plugins

Website Design on WordPress

Looking nice and best user experience website is highly appreciated by the customers and visitor. There are millions of websites competing on the internet. So you need the right web design that is attractive and produces a result for your business. In particular, there are many ways for website design on WordPress.

As you know that website designing is the art. And professional web designers create websites from ideas to visuals. They use code and a lot of scripts to give the best results.

But when you are using WordPress, then you can use design plugins and tips to create a better website. From these plugins, you can improve and create customized designs for your website.

However, website design depends on how to use your design skills. So here are design tips for websites.

Design Tips in website creation for wordpress

As designing is to turning the imagination into Visualization. So for a good website design, there is no rule on how to design a perfect website. But you can go with some basic elements that could help you to find something nice.

1.Evaluate your website Category

Initially, you should first recognize what type of website you want to create? For instance, identify website category such as Business, services, e-commerce, or blog.

Then it will be easy for you to find some good website templates and designs related to your business. For example, In a business and services website, you will focus on a good home page, About Us, and the contact us page.

And the key effort is to build a webpage on business or service information-oriented. So that more customers see the business information on the website.

Similarly, eCommerce website design includes the basic shopping experience for customers. So the design should be on the best navigation of products such as add to cart and checkout page for smooth conversion.

On the other hand for a blog website, you should value more content or images rather than designs. And for blog design, you can use plugins for website design when you are using WordPress.

2.Prepare images and Graphics for Website

The next goal is to identify the needs of images. And present the images effectively. As images create a good impression in customer mode. So when you build the website for Business or Ecommerce then the role of images is an important factor.

Therefore product and business photos should be real and clear. As high-quality images convert more. And customers want live demos and 360 views. So you can add more effects with tools in these photos.

And furthermore using emotions in images like smile and happiness generate assurance. And Also testimonial pictures of customers for product experience. This builds trust in customers’ minds. Also, don’t overuse images. it can be distracting.

3.Choose brand colors and text for website

Coloring and texting create an immense impact on visuals. And he studies suggest that color increases brand identity. So using colored buttons, graphics, or prebuilt templates improve the user experience on the website. And furthermore, you should clearly define the colors scheme, logo, and background for the website.

For Instance, choosing the right color combination for the website increases user interaction with the website. Additionally, you should also choose the brand text for the website. As you know that on the internet all the information is in text form. And words play a key role in internet communication.

So you should clearly identify which text and font style you are going to use for your website. As it increases the readability.

elements of design, color, lines, shapes, space, contrast, typography
Elements of design

 4.Setting up theme for website

Here on the WordPress theme library, thousands of themes are available. A theme controls the whole website design, style, and layout. And good themes create a nice design. And However, you know that a better website visualization theme creates a lot of engagement and conversion.

Additionally when you pick or activate the theme for a website on WordPress then always check its speed. As many over design and heavy themes make the website load slow. And slow websites are not well ranked well on search engines. So go for a theme that is simple and elegant with the best design interface, SEO, and mobile-friendly.

Especially if you are a blogger then you can explore the best user-friendly and fast themes for WordPress.

5.Customize Website Navigation and Menu in wordpress

On the other hand, website navigation and menu setting make the visitor decide whether he should review the site or leave. Why does the navigation of a website play an important role? Because when the visitor land on your website page. So he can smoothly explore the website with buttons, links, and menus.

So setting up the Menu and navigation for the website should be simple. And additionally, you can use a sidebar and slide show for the call to action. And moreover, you can use a color call to action button. But always be remember the button should match the theme color of the website.

Hence placing these settings on the initial stages of the website creation can save a lot of your time. So set the tone for how the website visitor can easily see the information and content on the website. So building a user-friendly menu, buttons, and links can generate visitor interest in the website.

Best plugins in word press website design

1.Visual composer website builder Plugin review

Here is the page, website building, and designing Plugin Visual composer all in one. And includes the features of many layouts and design elements. In Addition, this plugin provides you the ready-to-use templates for website building.

So you can easily insert the free Templates into the page and can create beautiful landing pages and websites. Moreover, you can also add Header and footer templates for word press website.

Via visual composer reference
Via visual composer

More importantly, this plugin is mobile and SEO friendly. Hence you can use these in the Business and eCommerce website to boost conversions. And visual composer plugin is free to use with no coding skills.

The visual composer also offers free stock images and animated gifs for websites. And its library includes free and premium templates for blogs, landing pages, and personal portfolio websites.

For instance, you can use this plugin to integrate with woocommerce, Wp form, and many other platforms. That enhances the user experience for the website.  Its customization makes this plugin the best page builder and website builder. Furthermore, it offers pop notifications for websites. These pop-up notifications are the best source of website customer visualization.

2.Elementor website builder for wordpress

Elementor is a popular WordPress website builder plugin. Where you can easily Drag and drop elements. And you can create a beautiful website without coding skills.

Here in Elementor, you can create every type of website. So with the help of Animations, Fonts and effects you have the opportunity to build a business and eCommerce website.

Furthermore, you can Import prebuilt templates. And you can easily create stunning websites. And also in Elementor, you can import complete website templates and pages.

Via Elementor Screenshot
Via Elementor

This design plugin for a website saves a lot of time to build the website. Therefore it gives you the ability to build responsive websites that can be viewed on every device. And also provides a good speed on search engines with enhanced user experience for WordPress websites. 

Hence it is the most popular website builder plugin with over 5 million active installations. It has many free features but you can get more features with pro plans.

3.Blog Designer pack Review

Yes, it’s another plugin that will help you in the design of your website. This plugin is the best to convert your Simple Home page to a Beautiful Blog post page. So this plugin is best for blogs and news websites.

And In this plugin, you can easily create posts on the Home page with simple code. It offers the Design of your website in the news or magazine. Moreover, It provides the best UI for websites.

website design on wordpress via digitalsitehost
via digitalsitehost

For instance, we used this plugin in our blog and find some good design results. Moreover, you can change the design of the page at any time with simple code. So you don’t need the set up the elements again and again. With a simple shortcode of a given design. Here you can change the post view.

And Blog Designer pack is offering Carousel, Ticker, slider, post masonry, and post grid box designs for website and blog. In addition, plugins offer free design templates but you can take more design by getting the pro version.


Finally, designing involves many skills, elements, and techniques. It’s better to learn some design skills before implementing. But you can do experiments and get inspiration from others.

Moreover, you can also learn the website design principles with a lot of design ideas.

So for in our rating, Elementor and Visual composer are the best design plugins. And on these plugins, the most part for design website is free. You can use them in eCommerce and business websites. Of course, you can enhance your eCommerce stores with these plugins.

And for designing WordPress blog (the blog designer pack) is the best plugin. And this WordPress plugin is giving a nice design option for bloggers. So if you are a blogger and need the plugin to design your blog then we will suggest using this plugin.

As website design is important for visitors but SEO and website optimization are also essential. So also work on these elements for a better website.

However, also share your experience of WordPress designing plugins and design tips in the comments.

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