What Blogging Can Do In Making Money & Online Business

what is a Blogging? 

“Blogging means ultimate passion of sharing information and ideas with others.”

And with blog website, you can share information about the profile, product, news, service or experience”.

As blogs are useful sources of information. And blogging information is openly available to everyone on the internet. Today is the information age. Thus, there are millions of blogs on the internet.

Therefore, individuals and companies are publishing information in the form of blogs. They publish info, description, and data related to products in the form of pictures, text, and videos.

More importantly, there are so many categories, topics, and niches available for blogs on the internet. And you can find any type of information on search by blogs.

And on the internet, many blogs are available in form of public forums and community forums. Here people communicate with each other. And share ideas and experiences.

Nowadays organizations interact with customers with blogs. And gives the specific information related to search in the blog. Therefore blog visitors can easily find information via search engines.

How to start blogging in 5 easy steps

Starting the blog with WordPress is the best decision because WordPress is the most popular and best blogging content management system in the world.  And in WordPress, you can easily create WordPress websites and blogs.

And more importantly, here are steps that you can follow to create a beautiful blog.

  1. Get domain name for blogging 
  2. Find the web hosting
  3. Install wordpress
  4. Select theme for blog and plugins in wordpress
  5. Create and publish first blog Post

After these steps, you can start a blog in word press. So enjoy the blogging experience and also earn money by blogging. Here are the blog earning types from which you can easily make money. And find what blogging can do in making money.

Can blogging make you money

Yes of course, with blogging and word press you can earn money. How does blogging earn money? The answer is you can make money in many ways. Here are the earning types in blogging.

1.Ads earning from blogging

What are ads revenue and how you can earn from website ads? As you know that on the internet there are billions of searches in a single day. And internet users want information from different sources like google and other search engines.

So these search generates opportunities for bloggers. And Bloggers create and publish content related to search on the internet. As the content viewed by the searchers on the internet.

Therefore advertising companies place ads on websites and blogs with search engines. And publishers and bloggers get paid when the visitor clicks on the ads of the advertiser. So in this way, bloggers earn money with blogs. And the advertiser pays more money on ads to blogging sites for content related to the business search.

2.Make money by content subscription on blogging

Moreover, with a subscription-based method on blogs, you can easily generate revenue by selling subscriptions. In this way, you create content and sell the content to users.

Therefore with this method, you can teach, coach, and train others with your content. Such content can be created by video lectures, Publications, Articles, eBooks, and courses. So you can sell your courses and training material on the blog website. And can earn thousands of dollars.

3.Earn money by Affiliate marketing in blogging

The next big earning source from blogging is Affiliate marketing. And in this marketing bloggers set the links on the blogs for business promotion. And in return marketing websites give commissions to blogging sites for their links as per policies.

So Blogging site earns referral commissions for the product sale. As in this way you are promoting other companies products. And it’s an easy way to earn money but you should first build the audience and traffic on the blog. Then you can earn big and grow with affiliate marketing.

4.Selling Digital and physical products

Digital product

These products are not physical. Such products include videos, software, art, images, and applications. And these products are selling on blogging sites.

Especially such products don’t require any inventory. So you can sell these products easily at any time. Moreover, digital products are popular on the internet. And as per Statista report, digital products buyers increase from 1.3 billion to 2.14 billion (2014-2021).

So set up your own digital products on an eCommerce website or blog. You can make thousands of dollars by selling digital products.

Physical products

Ecommerce is growing globally. And you can make an eCommerce website for your business. For instance, here on the eCommerce website the visitor can see the product pictures and make purchases on this website through payment platforms.

In addition eCommerce website is the best tool for digital business. And moreover, you can easily promote and analyze business with tools. Hence eCommerce website is the best platform to do business digitally.

 5.Sell your blog and domain

Yes, of course, You can sell your blog or domain. It is very worth selling a blog but first, you should build the blog and also add a lot of content to it.  As your blog get the audience and traffic then you can sell it on different platforms like flippa and empire flippers.

Furthermore, you can also earn money by selling domain names. Fon Instance domain names are website addresses that you can buy from web hosting providers. And for domain selling, you don’t need to add content just buy a name and you can sell on domain selling platforms such as afternic, Sedo, and name cheap. furthermore, you can learn and know about Parking and selling domains.

Pros of Blogging

Is Blogging worthy in 2022? Yes. But here are the quick questions you should ask yourself before starting a blog. The first question is why do you want to blog? What blogging niche, do you want to choose? And what can you achieve by blog?

The Answer to all these questions is that first know yourself. Find the areas of your interest. And also get some inspiration from the blogging industry.

Blogging is all about sharing experiences, ideas, and information with others. And in this information age, you need to own a place on the internet where you can interact with the world.

1. Sharing Ideas and experiences

Now the internet and social media are powerful sources of information. And everyone is using digital media for sharing personal profiles and experiences. For example, in blogging, you can write your experiences and ideas with a blog website.

Moreover, you can write articles and make videos. And then use them on blogs and digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook. So in this way you can share information that you own and really know. So in this, you can also help others to find a good source of information.

2. Get audience for blogging

Once you decided to write the blog. Then Next thing you can achieve with a blog is to gain an audience with the blog. For instance, who is following and liking your blog?

So when you share the content over the internet and social media. As a result, you got views and visitors that join your website. And the simple rule is that if you have good and quality content then it will be liked and viewed worldwide.

And also you can use tools and tips for keywords searching that can help you what audience is searching on the internet.

In addition, you can also join and make community groups for the relevant audiences on a particular topic. So as your audience grow you will see the benefits of blogging like authority, popularity, and money-making opportunities.

Furthermore, you can use social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and quora to engage the audience.

3. Make money and grow with blogging

Yes with blogging you can earn money. As there are a lot of opportunities. But, It takes time as you gain blog traffic in search results. So with consistent content creation efforts, you can grow and earn passive income.

And the other big question arises in the mind how much money can you earn with blogging? The Answer for this “The more content you create and spend time on your blog, the better results you will get. For example, many bloggers around the world are earning thousands of dollars with blogging. And you can also explore the benefits of websites and blogs.


Blogs are the inner passion and inspiration to share things. And It’s all about learning new ideas and sharing them with others.

So be creative and find an interesting niche that you like. And create a blog site and join the digital community around the world. And finally, it will help you to make money with blogging. There are many platforms available for blogging like medium, blogger, and wordpress.org. And best in our recommendation is WordPress.

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