Web Hosting How to host website in WordPress

Web hosting is the storage space for websites, provided by web hosting companies. As websites around the world use web hosting services to upload and store data. Therefore, Millions of internet users assess the stored data of websites from any part of the world.

Hence, The stored website data is always available online over the internet. When someone searches specific data in the search engine. Here, the Search engine identifies the web data on servers of web hosting companies and provides the results of data in the search engine.

Therefore, in this way Web hosting providers do business by selling the storage space of servers. And Clients buy the storage space for their websites.

So, The web hosting storage cost varies differently from storage capacity and others hosting features.

For example, a person buys a web hosting from any XYZ company and the company offers different packages. As the website Developer selects the plan for the website that suit his needs and requirement.

Furthermore, these web hosting services packages and plans are on a monthly and yearly basis. These plans provide features that include speed, space, RAM, bandwidth, security features, backup, website uptime, website builder, support service, and many other advanced features.

And the web hosting providers give these services according to the user’s requirements. Such offers are converted into packages called shared hosting, managed hosting, cloud hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Virtual private networks.

Web Hosting Types

Web hosting has been categorized into different Hosting plans. Especially, these web hosting plans depend on size, capacity, and features. So these are the following major web hosting plans which are offered by many web hosting service providers.

Shared web Hosting plan

In a Shared web hosting plan, many websites are hosted on the same server. Over there websites can use specific resources over servers. As per shared plans website has low bandwidth and minimum space for the website.

Such a plan contains the basic web hosting features that are available for websites. Due to the Low Resources. Their price is also low and cheap.

Virtual web hosting resources plan

Virtual Web hosting plan includes services that are managed by Mini virtual servers for many websites. Such web resources have more advanced hardware and software Data utilization options.

So in this way, these Hosting servers are more efficient in performance than shared hosting services.  And the hosting price is also costly.

Dedicated Hosting Services

Dedicated hosting plans have full server resource management for users. As these servers are completely managed by the users. Hence such a hosting plan offers complete server services to single users.

Therefore it allows the users to experience and utilize high-quality web services. Here On this web server, the single user takes all of the resources of the server.

Hence, These hosting services are Ultra-fast and have more dedicated web hosting space. In addition, Such hosting offers advanced security and reliability features.

Resellers website Hosting

Resellers hosting allows the user to create their own servers. And sell the hosting services to other, internet users. So these hosting services are mostly used for Business and enterprise organizations.

For example, someone wanted to start a web hosting business. So he can easily buy the reseller hosting and sell these services to another user over the internet.

So Many organizations sell the hosting services to clients by making mini server allocations and sharing these resources.

Email hosting

Email hosting services offer hosting services to Business Email accounts. As these Email accounts are business emails domain accounts. Hence, Business email accounts are associated with your business Domain name.

And Most businesses use email hosting services to manage the bulk emails business accounts. such business email accounts are an effective way of communication with customers.

How to host Website?

  • Buy domain Name
  • Get web hosting service
  • Install WordPress and Build a stunning website or blog
  • Go Live on the internet with Hosting

1.Buy a domain

A domain name is the address of the website on the internet. Domain Names can be registered from domain registrars. And Domain name system authority provides ownership to the domain buying a person for a specific time period. So these domain names are available on internet resources and name servers.

For example, If you want to buy the domain name www.yourname.com. Then you will search this address. And see the Address availability on the domain servers.

And you can get domain name ideas about naming the business.

Therefore If it’s taken by someone else, you cannot take this domain address. So Search the name for the domain that fits your business and that is available to take.  

So the Domains for your website are the first step toward making the website. Hence, domain name purchasing cost is between 7$-15$ for a year. And It is mandatory to buy it for a minimum of one year.

And domain name registration stands for 1 year to a maximum of a five-year period. So If you want to continue to retain your domain name you have to again renew it on the expiring date.

Here are the top web hosting companies where you can get web hosting and are good website hosts. Such as

2. Get Web hosting

After Getting a Domain from the domain registrar. Next, you need the hosting service for the website. You just select the Plan of your Hosting service for the website. As different plans are available for hosting from hosting providers.

Additionally, we will recommend you just go with the starter plan to build the WordPress website. As the basic plan is cheaper and more economical. So start with a basic hosting plan and upgrade as you may get increased traffic for the website. 

3. Install WordPress and build a website

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the open-source content management system for building websites. And it allows users to create web pages. So you can create posts and publish them on the internet.

WordPress is the most popular and reliable source of content management system for making a website.

As most developers and bloggers love WordPress for its easy customization. And WordPress is the most used content management system in the world.

So due to a lot of features, you should definitely go and use WordPress.

Installing WordPress On hosting server

As you proceed after getting the hosting package from the Hosting provider. So the Next is to install WordPress. WordPress installation is easy with one click as you buy the hosting plan. And you can easily follow the steps for installing WordPress.

WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Interface has a dashboard that provides components to build a website.

  • Post (content for Publishing)
  • Media library (Images and videos)
  • Pages (website pages)
  • Appearance (theme, widgets, Menu)
  • Plugins (tools to add in website)
  • Users (Users for website)
  • Tools (for website)
  • Settings (website setting options)

4. GO Live on the internet with web hosting

First Add some pages to the website. Such as Home, Blog, about us, and contact us. Next is to Build the Home page and blog page with menus and categories.

So In the Post section of WordPress, you can create a post or share your experience with the world in simple Click and publish.

Benefits of websites

Today the world has changed. Millions of websites on the internet and billions of Internet users. And lots of business and communication is on the internet. And Also businesses are making strategies for branding business for growth.

Therefore you can easily establish your business online by making an E-commerce website. And you can build a blog to share your personal experience.

As e-commerce websites provide you with unique options for selling online. It requires a simple website. And beautiful images and videos of products or services.

So there are a lot of opportunities in E-business, Blogging, and web development. So the users can make websites and earn from these websites.

How can earn money from websites? The answer is by establishing a website. Creating the best content for users on the internet. And you can start with free web hosting and learn about website building.

As a visitor on the internet Like and share your content. So a search engine like Google loves good content and it generates traffic for the website. And you can monetize your website and make money.

Here are the best earning sources from the websites.

  • E-commerce Platforms and features
  • Promoting business/service Globally by (Social media marketing)
  • Earn by google Ad Sense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Web development
  • Digital marketing
  • web Designing

If you know more online earning sources then share in the comment.

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